Upcoming Inset days: recommendations for staff training

Looking for online training courses for your upcoming Inset days? From subject knowledge and professional studies to safeguarding and duty of care, we’ve got you covered!

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If you're looking to deliver online staff training this December or January, our flexible, online training packages can really help.

Together they offer over 130 courses in professional studies, subject knowledge, and safeguarding and duty of care. All accessed through our online learning platform Tes Develop, giving your staff the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere, and you the ability to set mandatory courses and evidence learning to inspectors.

Whatever training you need to arrange, our online packages will help you to organise high quality, personalised training quickly and easily. To help you with your planning we’ve sought out the courses that we think could be most useful for your staff at this time.

Inset training recommendations

Professional studies courses


Are your teachers feeling nervous about delivering the new PSHE curriculum? These courses and pre-recorded webinars will help them to confidently teach children and young people about relationships.

Webinar: Managing Difficult Conversations with Parents (focusing on Relationship Education)
This webinar will help teachers to consider the typical concerns parents could raise about the statutory relationship education content to be taught in schools, and how to address them.

Webinar: Relationship Education for Primary
This webinar will help teachers to gain an insight into what teaching relationship education means in a primary school context, explore typical questions that children may ask and discover the resources that are available.

COMING SOON: PSHE for Secondary and R(S)HE for Primary
In Spring 2021 we'll be adding these two new courses to our professional studies package, and they'll automatically become available to all subscribers.

Learning technologies

With the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic likely to continue throughout the spring term, these pre-recorded webinars can help your teachers to explore new ways of teaching and enriching learning.

Webinars: Demystifying the Flipped Classroom Primary and Secondary
These webinars will help teachers to understand the principles of the flipped classroom approach and learn how to design and deliver a flipped lesson.

Webinar: Reaching Beyond the Classroom
This webinar will give teachers the opportunity to discover what video conferencing technology is and how it can be used to enrich the curriculum and support cultural capital.


In the new Ofsted framework, the use of metacognitive approaches in teaching and learning have been highlighted as important factors in helping pupils to develop and deepen their subject knowledge and achieve better outcomes. These courses will help your staff to develop their knowledge and understanding of metacognitive strategies, and learn how to apply them in the classroom. 

Action Research
In this course teachers will learn how evidence-based practice has evolved, explore different models and learn how to carry out an an evidence-based intervention.

Growth Mindsets (with Mike Gershon)
This course will help teachers to understand what is meant by growth mindsets, the benefits and how to teach growth mindsets to students to enable them to be resilient.

This course will help teachers to define metacognition, discover its transformative power and gain strategies for modelling metacognition for all ages, stages and abilities.

Theories of Learning
This course will help teachers to discover why learning theory matters, learn about the five key theorists and their work, and explore Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) and why it matters in today’s curriculum.

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Safeguarding and duty of care courses


Looking after our wellbeing has become more important than ever with the uncertainty and disruption of the past year. These courses will provide your teachers with knowledge and techniques to improve both their own wellbeing, and that of their students.

Mental Wellbeing for Children and Young People
This course will help staff to understand what mental health is, identify some common issues, signs, symptoms and risk factors, and learn how they can support their students' mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Mindfulness in the Classroom
This new course will help staff to develop confidence in delivering mindfulness within their classroom to support both their own wellbeing and that of their pupils. 

Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools
This course will help staff to understand the meaning of mental health and wellbeing, learn about common mental health problems and their cost, and discover how to take a holistic approach to wellbeing and support others.

Young Carers
This course will help staff to understand who young carers are and what they do, what their needs might be and how they can listen and make a positive impact.

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Get unlimited access to all our courses for one cost-effective price

You can subscribe to one, two or all three of our training packages to fit your schools needs, with multi-package discounts available. Your school will have unlimited access to all the courses in your package – and any new courses that we add – during your subscription.

Each course works towards CPD accreditation points and downloadable certificates are available on completion.

For a quote for your school, or more information, get in touch with us today and we'll get back to you straight away so you can be set up and ready for your Inset days.

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