What's coming soon

There are some great new products and features coming in the next month or so.

Daniel Eade, Marketing

Coming Up In October

We’re always working to find new ways to help schools and teachers, and there’s always something on the horizon. Right now we have two exciting developments that we’ll be rolling out in the very near future.

Interview score card is coming to the ATS

Interview score card will be added to our Applicant Tracking System in Tes Portal in October for recruitment subscription customers. This feature will help with GDPR compliance as it will allow all the reviewers of a particular candidate to record their individual assessments in one centrally located place. 

Each interviewer can make notes and score candidates against each category. When this information is added to the scorecard, an average overall score for the category is calculated and presented for that candidate.

It will help streamline the recruitment process, and let you collectively compare the performance of all interviewed candidates to make a decision while protecting their personal data. 

Team Groups is coming

Team Groups will soon be available through Tes Portal. It lets school leaders and staff easily communicate with each other, collaborate and share ideas.

Leaders and staff can set up and join groups across your school, to stay connected and find support, increasing morale, decreasing isolation and making sure that everyone has access to the information they need, when they need it.

Team Groups will also enable leaders, teachers and other stakeholders across MATs to connect with each other, harnessing the power of the MATs’ combined resources and intellectual assets. It’s a great way for year group teams and subject teams to exchange ideas and keep up with the latest educational developments.

Watch this space for more information on Team Groups - coming soon.

Keep watching

We never stop innovating and developing new ways to support you, to make sure we remain the world’s largest online educational community. We’ll continue to update you on all things new at Tes, so watch this space for more exciting future developments.