Why we're the best place to advertise your roles.

Catherine McNally, Marketing

Why We're The Best Place To Advertise Your Roles

Recruiting for any role is stressful and time-consuming. The reality for many schools, just like yours, is getting to the point where you have enough applications from suitable candidates isn’t always easy. This can be for a variety of reasons; there are certain times of the year when there’s a high level of competition or there’s a shortage of suitable candidates in your area.

Budget pressure

A Recruitment Subscription with us is the most cost-effective option to fill your vacancies. As you’ve already budgeted for unlimited advertising, there are no additional or unexpected costs to continue advertising your vacancies.


The more quality teachers who see your role, the greater your chances of getting the right member of staff for your school. That's where we can help. Advertising your roles with us offers you the ability to get your adverts seen by an unrivalled audience of engaged teachers.

We can promote your role and school to:

  • Our online audience of more than 2 million Tes.com weekly unique visitors.
  • 108,000 teachers reading Tes magazine each week.
  • More than 100,000 teachers receiving our daily email job alerts.
  • The 89% of UK teachers who say we're the first place they look for a new job.

Recruitment quality

There is clear evidence that candidates recruited through advertising are of a significantly higher quality than those hired through recruitment or supply agencies*. Generally, this is because advertising attracts teachers who are actively interested in working at your school, compared to those who come via agencies.

Tes Portal

Tes Portal, our user-friendly platform supports you to recruit the staff you need. You can save time and make recruitment easier by placing your job adverts, manage applicants and view statistics all in one place. By using our online application form, you could double the number of applications you receive**.

If you’re struggling to find the right staff we can help. Check out our recruitment products to see how we can support your school.

*PwC “Feeling the Squeeze”, 2016

**Month-on-month Looker statistic

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