5 reasons to love working in an international school

Tes Institute Team

Pupils In An International School Raising Hands To Answer Question

Teaching can be a very rewarding career – with no two days being the same, flexible hours and the opportunity to make a real difference. There are many reasons to become a teacher, but what about teaching abroad?

We are sharing with you 5 reasons to love working in an international school.

1. Progress at a faster rate

The desire to travel abroad to teach in an international school can be influenced by the prospect of faster career progression.

International teaching jobs and the required qualifications can vary considerably based on a number of factors. But, if you want to teach English as a foreign language in an international school, you do not need the same formal qualifications or experience that is required to teach the UK. Most countries will only require you to have a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate. This means you can progress at a faster rate and really start enjoying what you do.

2. Be a part of the innovation

Teaching in an international school allows you to be part of an innovative team. You’ll get to experience a real sense of diversity and have the chance to meet other educators who bring a range of educational practices and teaching styles.

You’ll help to move the education system forward in the school you teach in with a valued voice to implement new ideas in an innovative environment.

3. Live and breathe an adventure! (While being paid for it!)

With teaching abroad comes the adventure of working overseas.

You’ll get to really live and breathe the country and its culture taking in so much more than if you were simply travelling or on a holiday. You’ll be truly immersed in the foreign culture while exploring and discovering new places and traditions – You may even get to travel the world teaching (whilst getting paid for it!)  

As well as teaching, you will also learn a huge amount along the way. It’s a chance to discover who you are as a person and grow an educator. Developing a new-found experience while over time becoming an integral member of the local community.

4. Gain a wealth of experience

Teaching abroad will, of course, have its challenges. You may have to manage a heavy workload while at the same time need to get to grips with new surroundings such as cultures and traditions. So be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone.

However, while it can be tough at first, once you have overcome any initial challenges, you’ll prove to, not only yourself, but future employers that you have the initiative and ability to take on new responsibilities and adapt to a new environment.

5. Make a difference and change lives

By teaching abroad and teaching English as a foreign language you will provide your students with what, sometimes, can be the key for them to access enhanced professional and educational opportunities. You’ll support them to create a better future for themselves and their families and make a visible difference in helping them to achieve their goals.

Teaching in an international school may just be the most magnificent experience you could take and provide you with the most challenging yet rewarding years of your teaching career.