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Ask Tes Institute: what are the new SKE checkpoint reports?

11 Nov 22

If you have widened your search for trainee teachers to include candidates with non-specific or lower classification degrees, then you’re not alone. In fact, with limited evidence to show that a teacher holding a degree in their teaching subject will improve pupil’s outcomes, there is no reason that trainee teachers with non-matching degrees shouldn’t become great teachers given the right support, guidance and training.

We all know that strong subject knowledge is fundamental for any trainee teacher, regardless of their background, but not all candidates come with it fresh in their mind. This doesn’t need to be an obstacle for your trainees. They can improve their knowledge before they begin teacher training using a Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course. These courses give trainees a head start with their development, but it also provides you, as their provider, insight into areas for improvement, which will help to shape their training, come September.

Spot the gaps with our SKE checkpoint reports

With no formal assessment at the end of an SKE course, it can sometimes be tricky to measure the success and impact to the learner. To help with this, we have incorporated regular checkpoint reports into all our SKE courses. These checkpoints add an extra layer of insight into your trainee’s knowledge gaps (and strengths) so that you can better track their progress. 

When one of your trainees undertakes an SKE course with Tes Institute, both you and the trainee will receive a series of checkpoint reports over the duration of the course. These checkpoint include:

  • Outline of the learners progress
  • Provide a review of their work for that period  
  • Suggest areas for improvement
  • Objectives and important dates for the next part of the course
  • Highlighting areas of success

These reports are written by the trainee’s Pathway Tutor- a qualified teacher and subject specialist who supports them throughout their SKE course. For each session that your trainee completes they will be given feedback and a ‘RAG’ (red, amber, green) traffic light rating to indicate their progress. The checkpoint report is then written based on the session feedback from that period, providing you with a regular update of your trainee’s progress.

Are you an ITT provider and want to find out more about our SKE courses? View our course page or give our expert enrolment team a call on 0203 194 3200.

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