Our SKE courses will help you to:

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of your chosen subject
  • Identify key concepts within your subject
  • The skills to design, present and evaluate pupil-centred lessons
  • Improve your critical analysis, reflection and evaluation skills
  • Discover ideas and activities that you can use in the classroom from your own learning journey

You can now apply for DfE funded courses

SKE funding is now available for candidates starting their ITT in September 2022/23 in 10 subjects.

Who can enrol?

Our SKE courses are designed for ITT participants who need to gain the depth of knowledge needed to train to teach their chosen subject. Carrying out an SKE course must be set as a condition for your ITT offer. Your ITT provider must deem that without the course you would be highly unlikely to meet the subject knowledge requirements of the Teachers’ Standards by the time your ITT is completed.

You can apply for one of our SKE courses via our apply now button above, once you have applied, your provider will be required to validate your application. On starting the course we will then apply for your bursary from the DfE if you meet the eligibility criteria.

  • SKE is set as a condition of your ITT offer
  • You have applied for the minimum SKE course length as guided by your ITT provider
  • Your ITT subject focus and SKE match
  • Your degree in your ITT subject focus was not awarded in the last five years - this is a new requirement
  • You have a degree 2:2 or above. Third and Ordinary degree can access course funding

Where an ITT candidate has been awarded a joint degree in the past 5 years and there is a direct match between one of the degree subjects and the chosen ITT subject, the candidate would not be eligible for a SKE.

If your SKE and ITT do not overlap your bursary payment will be £175* a week for full time study to reflect 25 hours study as set by the DfE. Please note all SKE funding and bursaries are subject to DfE approval before payments are made.

DfE funded SKE course are available with us for:

Subject Course length available (weeks)
Biology 8,12,16,20
Chemistry 8,12,16,20,24,28
Computing 8,12,16,20,24
English 8,12,16
French 8,12,16,20,24
German 8,12,16,20,24
Mathematics 8,12,16,20,24,28
Physics 8,12,16,20
Spanish 8,12,16,20,24
Primary maths 8

The number of weeks you should study depends on the level of your existing subject knowledge, which your ITT Provider will determine. As part of their validation of your SKE application the ITT provider will provide a rationale for the recommended SKE length and an overview of the subject knowledge you require.

Course start dates

Closing date SKE start date
23/05/22 30/05/22
06/06/22 13/06/22
13/06/22 20/06/22
20/06/22 27/06/22
27/06/22 04/07/22
11/07/22 18/07/22
25/07/22 01/08/22
08/08/22 15/08/22
05/09/22 19/09/22

Please note:

  • Geography is no longer a supported DfE funded course but please see our SKE Self Funded Programmes which offer bespoke packages to enable you to still develop your subject knowledge. 
  • PE with Ebacc is still an option as an 8 week SKE. All places for ITT and EBacc will need to be agreed in advance with DfE ITT allocations.
  • MFL language trainees can take a second SKE course of 8 weeks in their main language and a longer course up to 28 weeks in the other language.
  • Part time courses are available for 8 and 12 week courses, bursary payments will reflect the fortnightly submissions rather than weekly as £87.50 a week.

How are the courses delivered?

Our SKE courses are delivered 100% online and on-demand via our interactive e-learning platform, Tes Learn. This allows you to learn in your spare time in the week and fit your course in and around existing personal and professional commitments. You can access course materials, lessons and tutorials from any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world, at any time, making learning extremely flexible.

If full time, we recommend and guide to weekly submissions to support routine to complete the course. This adheres to the DfE expectations also for bursary payments. 

Your learning will be supported by weekly pathway tutor feedback, support and monitoring as well as updates to you and your Initial Teacher Training (ITT) provider. Your subject knowledge will be assessed throughout your course and compulsory SKE assessment points to ensure that you are engaging with the SKE course and making the progress expected of you. 

Course materials consist of a range of tasks, including:

  • Pre-recorded interactive lectures
  • Subject specific tasks to complete
  • Reading-related articles
  • Self-assessment exercises
  • Subject-focused activities for discussion on class forums
  • Learning diary reflections

Part-time SKE courses

It is recommended by the DfE that you should study 25 hours per week on a full-time SKE course to support appropriate subject knowledge development in preparation for your ITT. Our part-time option allows you to spread this learning time over a fortnight, so an eight-week SKE course would take 16 weeks to complete, covering the same material.

Self funded SKE routes

Our Self Funded Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses are now available in three different route options, depending on which subject you choose and whether you require tutor support.

Pathway tutor
Portfolio of
Route A All 11 subjects Full support Yes  Yes 8 weeks* £1,600 exc VAT
Route B Geography and English Partial support No Yes 8 weeks £800 exc VAT
Route C Geography and English No support, self-study No Yes  8 weeks £600 exc VAT

*Longer courses are available for an additional fee, please enquire for more details.

Learners on all routes will be monitored by our programme director and will receive support updates. If you have an ITT offer and wish for your updates to be sent to your provider please let us know. 

SKE route A- full pathway tutor support

Route A courses are available in biology, chemistry, computing, English, French, geography, German, maths, primary maths, physics and Spanish. They begin with an initial audit for gap analysis of your needs and to help choose the best sessions for you.

SKE route B- partial pathway tutor support

Route B courses are initially available in English - with the option to focus on language, literacy, or combined - and Geography - with the option to focus on physical, human, or combined.

Partial pathway tutor support is available from a subject specialist, who will support your development as you complete learning sessions. You will develop a portfolio of evidence as you progress, which will be made up of session tasks, self-assessment and a progress audit. At the end of the course you will sit a GCSE style exam to apply the skills that you have learned in context.

SKE route C- self-study

Route C courses are also initially available in English - with the option to focus on language, literacy, or combined - and Geography - with the option to focus on physical, human, or combined.

Whilst there is no pathway tutor support on this route, the programme director will still monitor your progress and you will build a portfolio of evidence made up of session tasks, self-assessment, and a progress audit. There is no formal examination to compound learning, but you will receive a certificate of engagement once you have completed all sessions.

Frequently asked questions about SKE

We have assembled the most commonly asked questions on our SKE FAQ page.

* If your SKE and ITT overlap your bursary will be calculated by the DfE to the point of your ITT starting. The DfE equally divides the bursary total amount over the duration of your SKE course, rather than a weekly payment of £175 paid in arrears if your SKE finishes before your ITT starts, all payments are paid in arrears.

Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE)