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TES School Portal is your new way to post job adverts quickly on TES.

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If you already have been provided with a school account, simply log into TES with it, and go to My School to access your school portal and place your advert.

What we offer

Pay as you advertise

Advertise as and when you need to with a range of one-off advert solutions and campaign boosters, all created with speed, response and value in mind.

Recruitment subscription

Unlimited recruitment advertising at a fixed cost to achieve more with your budget and recruit talent all-year-round.

Leadership Recruitment

Recruitment services to support you in your search and selection of talent for senior, leadership and other highly specialised positions.
Helping you reach candidates in print and online – anytime, anywhere.
8 million
12.5 million

Your free recruitment tools

TES School Portal

When you advertise with TES, you get access to TES School Portal – our FREE online recruitment tool designed to make your recruitment process quicker, smarter and smoother.

  • From advert posting to performance statistics through to candidate application management, it has been designed to help you find quality candidates faster and more easily.

Manage your whole recruitment process all-in-one place

Your Career Site

Whether you advertise with TES or not, you will receive Your Career Site, your new mobile-friendly single destination to promote your school and jobs to candidates.

  • Position your school as an employer of choice, display all your jobs quickly and easily, and link your school website to it.

Deliver a great candidate experience quickly and easily