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Tes School Portal is your new way to post job adverts quickly on Tes.

Request first for your school to be set up through this form.

If you already have been provided with a school account, simply log into Tes with it, and go to My School to access your school portal and place your advert.

What we offer to support your recruitment

Advertising solutions

Recruitment Subscription or Pay-As-You-Go solutions, online and in print

Managed services

Matching or search recruitment services for hard-to-find teaching or leadership talent

Supply teaching services

High quality and fully vetted supply teacher services for short and long-term vacancies
Tes is uniquely placed to give you access to the largest network of educators
over 8 million
Worldwide education professionals registered with Tes
2.1 million
Weekly visitors from across the globe
1.2 million
Weekly visitors from the UK
Weekly visitors from outside the UK
UK teachers look on Tes first for a job
UK school leaders read Tes content weekly
Teachers registered in our Managed Services talent bank
Leaders registered in our Managed Services talent bank

Access to digital recruitment tools to streamline your recruitment

Introducing Tes School Portal

Advertise with Tes and you also get access to Tes School Portal. This online recruitment tool helps you streamline your entire recruitment process, from placing your adverts and viewing your stats to managing your applicants – all in one place. Working hand in hand with your existing systems, Tes School Portal will support you in recruiting more successfully and save you precious time.

All Recruitment Subscription customers have access to an advanced version of Tes School Portal, with its ever-growing, exclusive range of features.