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A little book to colour, write and make.

By lbrowne

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A resource all about Spring! Focusing on how the seasons change, and looking at the flowers, birds and animals of spring. A resource suitable for students of all ages, you could use this resource in class or assembly, or print out the images for a classroom display. Please note, this resource is a PDF file.

By cassieborodenko

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Spring Bundle

Looking for Spring literacy resources? Check out this bundle! The Spring Bundle contains 10 resources that you can use in your classroom to support student learning. Included in this bundle: Spring ABC Brainstorming Spring ABC Order: Literacy Center Activities Spring Find Someone Who Activity Spring Mini Book With Comprehension Questions Spring Noun/Verb Sort Spring Sentence Sort Spring Tiered Sentence Writing Activity Spring Vocabulary Match Spring Writing Activities Spring Journal: 25 Journal Writing Prompts

By TeachingWithATouchOfHoney



A beautiful 10-15 minute (17 slide) assembly on Spring, its holidays and natural events. It is a fun and engaging Spring assembly with thought provoking questions and is easily adaptable for tutor-time. Suitable for all ages!

By MissCResources

Signs of Spring for You and Me: A Spring SongQuick View

Signs of Spring for You and Me: A Spring Song

A sweet and simple song for E.Y.F.S and Early K.S.1. about the signs of spring in parks and gardens. The song is easy to learn as it has a repetitive verse and a chorus that includes actions which the children will love. It would be a great addition to an end of topic assembly too.

By sallykee

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Spring Celebration Assembly.

This is a Spring Celebration Assembly for Foundation Stage, using simple songs and poems. I had groups of children to say the parts in speech marks and other children playing instruments in the songs. It could be adapted to include more spring festivals from other cultures, eg Holi. Anyway it is a simple outline that you can use if you are stuck! Oh... and it lasts about 8 minutes in this format!!!

By avon_lady

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Spring Poems - KS2

This Spring and Easter resource is perfect for Key Stage two English. It contains : 4 ORIGINAL SPRING POEMS BY THE AUTHOR 2 PICTURES FOR DISCUSSION 1 POSTER WITH SPRING VOCAB 5 WORKSHEETS (poem templates, guided writing, factfile)

By LearnersLabyrinth

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SpringBoard Units

SpringBoard Units for Maths in KS2 - these are also difficult to locate so thought I would share. They are the booster maths lessons for KS2. Useful for intervention etc. Hope someone finds them useful - They are really good when used in conjunction with the NC.

By Bernadetteorourke

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Assembly: Spring has sprung

An assembly which tells us about the meaning and characteristics of spring. Can be read from the script. It tells of the origins of British Summer Time and there is a cautionary tale for clock changers. There is an accompanying picture presentation.


Spring themed SATs comprehensionQuick View

Spring themed SATs comprehension

A collection of non-fiction comprehension activities for year 2, all with the theme of spring. Each booklet comes in 3 differentiated levels. They are all based on the reading SATs paper, containing a similar style of questions. They are also laid out in the same way as a SATs booklet to provide the children with greater experience. The 3 topics explored in the comprehensions are: What happens in the spring? Spring animals What activities can I do in the spring? PDF file format and editable Microsoft word format included in the price. Buy them each for £2 or all 3 for £2.99 in this bundle!

By blossomingminds

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Springs Calculation Practice

This resource is a fully differentiated lesson aimed at teaching the new AQA GCSE Physics and Trilogy Physics specification, and links to the Energy and Energy resources module. This lesson is a continuation to the Hooke's law required practical. This lesson has 5 learning objectives that are structured in the IDEAL format: *Identify the correct equation for a given scenario. *Describe the relationship between force and extension in a spring. *Explain, using calculation, which spring stores the most energy. *Apply your understanding of energy stored in a spring to calculate the difference in energy when a spring is stretched further. *Link understanding of force, extension and spring constant to work out how much energy is stored in a spring from the force applied to it. This lesson is designed with a challenge objective and challenge questions throughout to stretch your most able students, whilst supporting your LA students. Review the lesson before teaching to see how the animations and objectives will work in your lesson. Enjoy!

By ellisbrooomhall

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Spring Writing Prompts

This Spring Writing Prompts pack contains a total of 30 prompts for use throughout the spring season. The writing prompts are open-ended and can be used for a daily response notebook or more structured and guided writing, after class/small group discussion or research. I have also included blank templates, with and without a themed border. Included are handwriting guidelines, as well as lines only, for more advanced, able writers. ********************************************************** CONTENT P1: Cover P2: Teacher Notes P3: Contents P4: Separator P5-56: Writing Journal PROMPTS • PROMPT 1: Signs of Spring • PROMPT 2: Life Cycle 1 • PROMPT 3: Life Cycle 2 • PROMPT 4: Wonder Wings • PROMPT 5: Up, Up and Away • PROMPT 6: Coin Magic • PROMPT 7: Spring Cleaning • PROMPT 8: New Beginnings • PROMPT 9: Springtime Fun! • PROMPT 10: Where in the World… • PROMPT 11: Hiding Place • PROMPT 12: Spring Share • PROMPT 13: Spring Weather • PROMPT 14: Lost! • PROMPT 15: Which One? • PROMPT 16: Spring Days • PROMPT 17: Acrostic Poem 1 • PROMPT 18: Acrostic Poem 2 • PROMPT 19: Word List • PROMPT 20: Picture Prompt 1 • PROMPT 21: Picture Prompt 2 • PROMPT 22: Picture Prompt 3 • PROMPT 23: Rainy Day Words • PROMPT 24: Name That Bug! • PROMPT 25: List 1 • PROMPT 26: List 2 • PROMPT 27: List 3 • PROMPT 28: In Spring • PROMPT 29: Butterflies • PROMPT 30: Chicks P57: Separator P58-108: Writing Journal Alternative Lines P109: Separator P110-123: Blank Writing Templates P124-125: TOU/Credits PAGE COUNT: 125 ********************************************************** RELATED RESOURCES St. Patrick's Day Writing April Writing ********************************************************** Teacher's Toolkit Writing

By TeachersToolkit



This is a PowerPoint all about spring. It's in two parts: the first part is fifteen pages and includes new plant life, young animals and insects that appear in spring, and a section on animals in hibernation. The second part is seven pages all about why we have seasons and includes moving images of the earth rotating the sun and where the sun shines on the earth during each season.

By Teachersgem

Spring Talking Tub PlannerQuick View

Spring Talking Tub Planner

A planning grid to support teachers in creating a Spring themed Talking Tub. A Talking Tub is a collection of materials that are designed to stimulate talking and thinking to support responsive child led planning. This consultation can then be recorded in a Talking and Thinking Floorbook™. This approach can be used in early years and primary settings and can be easily differentiated. Talking Tubs should be tailored to suit your individual setting and individual interests of the children so we have intentionally left these as editable documents The planning grid identifies the lines of enquiry that lie behind the experiences, ideas for 3D and 2D objects and photos and the big questions or possible lines of development that may come out of the discussion.

By Mindstretchers-