Year 3 shape poetry and CalligramsQuick View

Year 3 shape poetry and Calligrams

One of these documents are a selection of certificates that I bought which are fantastic and saves you time. The planning is for shape poetry and calligrams and is for Year 3. It had a very effective outcome with my class. Please ask if you ant any of the resources, I have most of them. Tahnk you Kat for a lovely comment.
The life of an astronautQuick View

The life of an astronaut

Here is a well prepared power point about astronauts. After trailing through the net for one similar, I could not find one, so made my own. As an activity, I got the children to draw them as a space person in the middle of their books. On one side they were to write down all the facts learnt about astronauts and the other side was about how they would live life as an astronaut using the supporting questions at the end of the PP.
Year R to Year 1 transition activity bookletQuick View

Year R to Year 1 transition activity booklet

I have searched everywhere for a booklet just on transition activities from Year R to Year 1. I found lots for KS2 and Year 1 to Year 2. I therefore gave up and created one of my own. A thread is also available. Please keep updating it. I will keep updating the booklet periodically so that we have a book full of wonderful activities. If you would like to add one of your own please email it to me and I will add it and update the booklet ASAP.
The Mayans - non chronological report informationQuick View

The Mayans - non chronological report information

I have a Y3/4 class and couldn’t find anything for non chronological reports on the Mayans. So I made one myself. The children highlighted and labelled the features, discussed the covabulary and then used the subheadings/ content to create their own non chron report for the Mayans. We added other subheading to our research such as; warriors, clothing, homes, temples, Gods Hope you find it useful!
ALien Translation bookQuick View

ALien Translation book

I am doing a topic on space and my children love Star Wars. I was able to find an alien translator via google - the chn typed in an english word and it translated it to alien langauge. Was lots of fun. I have designed 4 different covers and they are all attatched.