Year 3 shape poetry and Calligrams

One of these documents are a selection of certificates that I bought which are fantastic and saves you time. The planning is for shape poetry and calligrams and is for Year 3. It had a very effective outcome with my class. Please ask if you ant any of the resources, I have most of them. Tahnk you Kat for a lovely comment.


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  • This planning is fabulous. Could you please send me a copy of the resources:

    Thank You

  • Fantastic ideas and great planning! I am working on shape poetry within my art sessions with my group of young adults with LD and this is so full of ideas I could use. The students will love trying out bemboszoo on the smartboard! Echoing just about everyone else posting comments here any resources you still have that you don't mind sharing would be really appreciated thank you.

  • Tbird722 months agoReport

    Hi could I also have a copy of the resources pls. Thanks so much!

  • AbuDhabi20162 months agoReport

    Thanks, that's wonderful!😊

Jun 19, 2011
Nov 30, 2014

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