Volume and surface area revision carousel GCSEQuick View

Volume and surface area revision carousel GCSE

Worksheets covering all of area and volume questions up to higher GCSE. Aimed to be used with groups rotating round where they select questions suitable for their ability. Each topic has differentiated questions. Answers also provided to enable pupils to self mark before they move on.
GCSE Revision starters - FoundationQuick View

GCSE Revision starters - Foundation

Differentiated starters for use at the start of each lesson for a week. Each set has 4 slides - one for each lesson so that hopefully there is progression over the week. Based on a idea from the Numberloving website
Probability:  sum to 1 and Venn DiagramsQuick View

Probability: sum to 1 and Venn Diagrams

A lesson based on probability sum to 1 involving a mixture of fractions decimals and percentages to incorporate conversion skills. A lesson introducing Venn diagrams linked with probability.
Invariance of co-ordinatesQuick View

Invariance of co-ordinates

An introduction to the concept of points being invariant after a transformation. The worksheet is based upon reflections and rotations.
Display on linking averages to data displayQuick View

Display on linking averages to data display

A display for averages "the M + Ms of Maths" The resources produce a display which help link how the various averages can be found for different statistical diagrams; bar chart, pie chart, stem and leaf, box plot and cumulative frequency curves.