Temperature - reading and marking a scale - starter activityQuick View

Temperature - reading and marking a scale - starter activity

Starter activity for marking and reading a thermometer scale. (Originally aimed at Y3 class.) Print off the 'Temperature scale' file double-sided and laminate (side B differentiated for negative numbers / temperatures below zero). Put the file 'Random Temperatures' on slideshow view. The presentation should whizz quickly from slide to slide. Ask ch to say stop, hit 's' to stop on a temperature, ch mark temperature on their thermometer laminates. Hit 's' again to start presentation again.
Le corps - body parts in French labelling activity and flashcard activityQuick View

Le corps - body parts in French labelling activity and flashcard activity

(1) Labelling parts of the body activity: could be used in conjunction with singing "heads, shoulders, knees and toes" (in French - Tête, épaules, genoux, et pieds, genoux et pieds (feet instead of toes in French version). See: http://www.songsforteaching.com/french/teteepaulesgenouxpieds.htm (2) Flashcard activity: Put the powerpoint presentation in slideshow view and hit "S" to stop randomly on a part of the skeleton's body (hit "s" again to return to random slides). Revise vocab, practice singular and plural versions of body vocab. (Just makes flashcards more appealing to ch). Could be adapted for any language.
Myths and legends top trump cardsQuick View

Myths and legends top trump cards

Mythical creatures top trump cards for myths and legends literacy block in Y3 and Y5. Good for a speaking and listening activity. (Edit the criteria on each card to suit your needs.) Template included for your own creatures or for the children to create their own.
Dictionary skillsQuick View

Dictionary skills

For getting used to using a dictionary - where in the dictionary to find words, alphabetical order, etc.
Measuring in cm and mQuick View

Measuring in cm and m

Y2/3 powerpoint presentation for measuring in cm, converting cm into m and reading an unmarked scale.
Introduction to column additionQuick View

Introduction to column addition

Teaching presentation (for 2 days) and supporting activity sheets to introduce to a Y3 class more formal written methods for column addition. You’ll need lots of red, blue and green pencil crayons!
Chocoholic divisionQuick View

Chocoholic division

My class really enjoyed the Chocoholic song on the sing up website. This powerpoint and notebook file and related worksheets support the song about sharing chocolate. I used the song to introduce division as sharing and remainders to a year 3 class. Song can be downloaded from http://www.singup.org/songbank/
Back to school: Classroom stationery vocabulary (ESL) task cardsQuick View

Back to school: Classroom stationery vocabulary (ESL) task cards

It's back to school time! I like to start the year by spending time teaching my English as a Second Language students the vocabulary for classroom stationery, that way they understand my instructions and they can ask to borrow items if need be. These task cards and flashcards can be used to teach or revise classroom stationery vocabulary. They are great to use when playing 'Quiz, Quiz, Trade' or matching pairs. I have also included a Scoot recording sheet and a Fortune Teller. They will keep your pupils talking and actively learning.
ESL Passport game - Getting to know you task cards and questionnaireQuick View

ESL Passport game - Getting to know you task cards and questionnaire

These task cards can be used to practise 'What is your name?', 'How old are you?' and 'Where are you from?' and the answers to these questions. Either attach them to lanyards or make them into badges. The children can then wear them and then walk around class room and practise their questions and answers to fill out the included questionnaire. Included: 20 different ID task cards, flag flashcards for teaching nationalities and country names and flashcards with key questions.
Column subtraction cards for Show down, Scoot and Quiz, Quiz, TradeQuick View

Column subtraction cards for Show down, Scoot and Quiz, Quiz, Trade

3 differentiated sets of 32 column subtraction calculations. They can be used to play cooperative learning activities such as Showdown and Quiz, Quiz, Trade. Also included in the pack is a ‘Scoot’ recording sheet with answers for each set of questions. SET A: 2 digit subtraction with no borrowing SET B: 2 and 3 digit subtraction with borrowing SET C: 3 and 4 digit subtraction with borrowing Meets Key Stage 2 Maths objectives for formal calculation methods.
Directions partner activityQuick View

Directions partner activity

Two sets of town plans to practise giving directions. Students give directions to partner to complete town plan and vice versa. Also included blank town plan so students can create their own town map.