Ben 10 doesn’t like numbers which are not multiples of 10. This presentation uses a number line to round to nearest 10 and 100 with Ben 10. Aimed at Y3.

Other topics covered: Numbers


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Created: Sep 19, 2009

Updated: Dec 6, 2014

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    user avatarOmohlholha13 days agoreport

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    Thank you for this additional resouce

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    user avatarSuperslug3 months agoreport

    The opening slides gave a great hook which got my Year 2 boys' attention straight away. It is a good framework and you can then add in games and further examples to provide opportunities to practise the rules.

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    user avatarjoridda year agoreport

    Great resource. Thanks for sharing

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    user avatarNJATACDa year agoreport

    Thanks for sharing and using Ben 10 for rounding to 10 - brilliant and engaging for the pupils - will be used at Behaviour Needs Session