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Ancient Greece Knowledge Organiser!

This clear, detailed and visually-appealing resource offers a complete reference point for students learning or revising knowledge relating to the Ancient Egyptians. It contains comprehensive sections on: Ancient Greece map (annotated); Ancient Greek Gods; Ancient Greece timeline; Ancient Greek people; Ancient Greek places; Ancient Greek daily life. The resource is designed to be printed onto A3, and is provided as both a PDF and a Word version (so that you can edit if you want to). All images used are licensed for commercial use and are cited on a separate document (included). It is most suitable for children in KS2 and KS3.
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The Legacy of Ancient Greece

Information about the legacy of Ancient Greece followed by a Diamond 9 activity testing abililty to justify the most/ least important aspect of the legacy. Created for Year 5 but could be easily adapted for older children.
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Ancient Greece Year 4 History Plan and Resources

A 8 lesson plan based on the Ancient Greeks and their influence on the western world. This plan was initially planned and delivered to Year 4 however could be adapted for other year groups. As well as teaching children about the Ancient Greeks, some lessons link to how they influenced the western world as well as including ‘going deeper’ questions for all abilities. Included is: plan and all resources, differentiated as required. Session 1 - Prior knowledge lesson and generating future questions Session 2 - Who were the Ancient Greeks? Session 3 - Time line of Ancient Greece Session 4 - Olympics (Greater Depth Research Project included) Session 5 - Architecture Session 6 - Democracy Session 7 - Myths and Legends Session 8 - Ancient Greek Religion
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Ancient Greece Lessons

10 Resources
Download our popular Ancient Greece lesson planning bundle containing 10 full lessons. This resource contains a bundle of history lessons for KS2 (ages 7-11) that make up a complete unit covering the Ancient Greece topic. Each file contains a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint slides and printable activity sheets. The planning pack covers the following lessons: Who were the Ancient Greeks? Why were Athens and Sparta so different? What was Alexander the Great’s impact on the Greek empire? Why did a small Greek army win the Battle of Marathon? What were the Ancient Greek gods known for? What happened at the Ancient Greek Olympic Games? What were the Ancient Greek philosophers famous for? Did the events of the Trojan Horse story really happen? What was daily life like for children in Ancient Greece? How significant is the legacy of Ancient Greece for life today? These lessons are written for KS2 and are aligned to the National Curriculum in the UK but can be easily adapted to other curriculums too. The lesson plans include differentiation ideas to adapt the activities for the needs of your class. This bundle is brought to you by…
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Ancient Greece

This resources are focused on learning about children's lives in the city states of Athens and Sparta in Ancient Greece and the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Feel free to chop and change to suit your class!
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Ancient Greece Murder Mystery

This is a ‘murder mystery’ with video and paper based evidence. We filmed in front of our school green screen for a bit of a laugh, but the kids absolutely loved it. It lasts around 80 minutes comes complete with video and paper-based evidence. I suggest printing out into evidence packs.
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Ancient Greece - Complete 6 week unit of work

A complete 6-week scheme of work, based on the history of Ancient Greece. Written for a mixed year 4/5 class, but easily adapted Objectives covered include: The geography of the ancient world Greek daily life Life in Athens and Sparta School in Ancient Greece The Greek Alphabet. Please leave Feedback.
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Ancient Greece Gods and Goddesses POSTERS

The resource contains 12 Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses posters. A4 format Included are: Hermes Poseidon Athena Artemis Hera Aphrodite Zeus Ares Hades Apollo Hestia Hephaestus Thank you for your interest! Hoppy Times
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The Ancient Greeks / Greece pack: Powerpoints, activities, worksheets

POWERPOINT LESSONS: Looking at evidence: Lots of images relating to Ancient Greece. Can be used as an introduction to the topic or to teach different ways of looking and finding out about the past. Where and when was Ancient Greece: An introduction to the topic, looking at where Greece is located, its climate, and the effect this had on the Ancient Greeks; a timeline demonstrating AD and BC; and the first people to inhabit Greece. Athens and Sparta: The similarities and difference between the two city states, including government, slaves, geography, buildings, army, wealth, education, girls, and territory. Ends with an activity matching the statements to either Athens or Sparta. Ancient Greek Fighters: What made the Greeks so powerful, explains about hoplites, triremes, ships, soldiers etc. The Battle of Marathon: Was it a victory for the Ancient Greeks? Looks at how it started,what caused it, and how the Ancient Greeks won. Shows artefacts found in Marathon, and asks what the Athenians and Spartans would have thought about the victory. Explains how it relates to marathons today. Who did the Ancient Greeks worship and why: Explains the story of the Greek gods, from Chaos, to the Olympian gods. Includes a page on each of the gods; Zeus, Athena, Hera, Ares, Aphrodite, Apollo, Poseiden, Artemis, Demeter, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Hermes, Hades. The Theatre: The origins of Greek theatre; the Acropolis, Theatre of Dionysus, The Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Explains what went on in the theatre, and how it was organised, with a questionnaire at the end. The Olympic Games: The story of how they began. Ancient Greek Legacies: A look at the achievements of the Ancient Greeks and their influence on the western world. PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS AND ACTIVITIES (pdf): All activities accompany the powerpoint lessons above What I already know/What I would like to find out about Ancient Greece Ancient Greece fact file Athens or Sparta fact files Hoplites The Battle of Marathon fact sheet The theatre question sheet Ancient Olympic buildings How the Olympic games started The events in the ancient Olympics Ancient Greek achievements fact finding sheets x 3 Topic covers x 4 Writing sheets: Greek column design. PLUS (in word) An adaptable outline medium term plan
Year 5 - Diary Entry (Ancient Greece) - PlanningQuick View

Year 5 - Diary Entry (Ancient Greece) - Planning

Two weeks of planning for a Year 5 class focusing on diary entry. The diary was based upon ancient Greece which was our topic. The unit includes WAGOLLs, drafting, re-writing and editing. All the resources are included. Hope this helps.
Children in Ancient Greece (Lesson for KS2)Quick View

Children in Ancient Greece (Lesson for KS2)

A lesson for KS2 about daily life for children in Ancient Greece, including a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint and printable activity sheets. This lesson is part of our popular Ancient Greece Pack for Key Stage 2. Lesson: What was daily life like for children in Ancient Greece? This lesson is designed to help pupils to understand more about key areas of daily life for Ancient Greek children. Pupils will play a game to compare elements of their own lifestyles to life for different children in Ancient Greece. They will research information about food, education, clothing and entertainment and then design their own version of an Ancient Greek pull-along toy. At the end of the lesson, pupils will examine how four historical sources from Ancient Greece give more clues about daily life for children. Objectives: To explore different areas of daily life for Ancient Greek children To find out about popular Ancient Greek toys To consider how we can know about what daily life was like so far in the past You may also like: Ancient Greeks Lessons Pack for KS2: A fully-resourced unit of 10 history lessons for KS2, covering the Ancient Greece topic.
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Ancient Greece

4 lessons on Ancient Greece, examining the people, places and key events in Athens, Sparta, Troy and Macedonia. It covers philosophers, myths and Alexander the Great. Each power point contains general information, links to articles and/or videos, various activities that are quick but fun, and the occasional creative challenge. (Please note you will need Microsoft Power Point for some of the activities to work). These lessons are suitable for all ages and were created specifically for lock down: providing extra information and activities for children at home to help keep them busy and expand their learning. These lessons were not made to fit into a specific curriculum, but could be adapted for normal lessons. Accompanying kahoots: Ancient Greece: Athens and Sparta Ancient Greece: True or False
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Ancient Greece Word Search

Ancient Greece: This Ancient Greece word search also doubles as a coloring book!. The advantage to this is that students can actually see the concept behind the term they are attempting to find. The Solution to the puzzle is included. This Ancient Greece Word Search/ Coloring Book contains the following terms: ♦ Achilles ♦ Amphora ♦ Athena ♦ Caduceus ♦ Chariot ♦ Discus ♦ Drachma ♦ Kantharos ♦ Lyre ♦ Obol ♦ Olive Branch ♦ Parthenon ♦ Tragedy Mask ♦ Warship ♦ Zeus Thank you to Glitter Meets Glue Designs who provided the images
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Ancient Greece - Mythological Beasts

In this lesson, students learn about Greek mythological creatures. Twelve of the main Greek beasts, creatures and monsters are explored in listings, Centaur, Cerberus, Chimera, Cyclops, Harpy, Hydra, Medusa, Minotaur, Pegasus, Phoenix, Satyr and Siren. Each listing features an original illustration, facts and a short myth. The introduction includes interesting facts about ancient Greek mythological beasts including heroes, natural phenomena, animal attributes and powers. There is also a page exploring three constellations named after mythological beasts. Activities include differentiated reading response, create a monster activity, match the beast activity, constellation task cards and a printable memory card game. Pages: 38 (including 7 answer sheets) PLUS: A black and white version of the entire resource Contents: 12 Illustrated Listings Research a Beast Activity Constellation Page Constellation Task Cards Star Charts Create a Monster Activity Match the Beast Activity Printable Memory Card Game Questions / Multiple Choice / True or False (Differentiated Reading Response) Questions or comments? Contact me at All text and illustrations are by Christa Galloway, Primary Topic Shop.
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Timeline Ancient Greece Poster

This timeline shows the history of the Ancient Greek Civilisation, divided into the most common periods. Above the timeline you will find a short description of the highlights of each period in the same colour as that period on the timeline. Below the timeline, important events are added in the colours of each period. The specific events that marked the transitions between the different periods are added with thicker borders and fading colours. I refer to this poster almost every lesson when I'm teaching Greek or ancient history! It is very useful to allow the students to keep an overview in their mind when we're talking about a specific historical event or person. My students have gotten so used to my poster that they for example say that Plato of course lived in the "yellow"; period, that Homer's texts are from the "blue" period and that the story of Theseus and the Minotaur is situated in the "pink" period. The file is large and detailed enough to print on an A1 format as a poster. I have a Dutch version available too.
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Ancient Greece Introduction

A PowerPoint that could be used to introduce the topic of Ancient Greece. Looks at what and where Ancient Greece as and covers topics such as homes, foods, clothes, jobs and schools. Each slide has information and images for the children. Includes some links to videos and challenges within the slides. Perfect for any age group as it is easily adapted.
Ancient Greece Word MatQuick View

Ancient Greece Word Mat

A handy printable mat that includes a selection of words linked to Ancient Greece. Use it as a classroom display resource or a reference mat on your children's tables. Includes the following words and images: * Parthenon / temple / Acropolis, * Minoan / Mycenaean, * Olympia / Olympic Games, * god / goddess / Zeus / Hera / Hades / Underworld, * pottery / amphora, * theatre / play / comedy / tragedy / mask * Athens / Troy / Sparta / city-state ... and more! Download our enormous Ancient Greece Pack from