Basketball Manual - TGFU ApproachQuick View

Basketball Manual - TGFU Approach

An 18 page basketball manual based on the TGFU model. The manual contains technical information and lesson ideas on the following: - Dribbling - Passing - Set shot - Lay up - Jump shot - Attacking play - Defensive play
Basketball Scheme of workQuick View

Basketball Scheme of work

During my Teaching career and a sports coach, I personally believe that this Scheme of work for basketball is very useful and it will give you a better understanding of what to focus on during basketball lessons. It focuses more the attention on getting your students to learn the basic skills the 1st 2 weeks before putting students straight into game situations and also gives you a system in which you could teach your schools basketball team with to help you and your students to work on, to help win games.
BasketballQuick View


It's that time of the year! Get those basketballs bouncing, those nets swishing and those students sweating! This product is a collection of Basketball warm-ups, cross-curricular activities and fun lessons for students of all ages. These 40 activities are fun, engaging and involve the maximum amount of students possible. Ideal for any basketball coach, PE teacher or any recess or intramural program.
Reciprocal Basketball Teaching/Coaching CardsQuick View

Reciprocal Basketball Teaching/Coaching Cards

In this pack, I've put together some simple basketball skill teaching cards for students and teachers to use. It includes: -Triple Threat & Pivoting -Triple Threat Moves -Dribbling -Passing -Shooting -Individual Defense -Boxing-out & Rebounding
24 x Lesson Plans for Basketball - Yr 7,8 and 9Quick View

24 x Lesson Plans for Basketball - Yr 7,8 and 9

- Contained are 3 units of work with 8 lessons for each year group (7, 8, 9). - Each lesson plan contains 4-5 episodes of teaching with differentiation, keywords and teaching points at each stage. - The units build on each other and show progress between the learning objectives of each unit.
Basketball - Lay-upsQuick View

Basketball - Lay-ups

This is a 1hr 30mins lesson plan for basketball. I used this for my Year 8 group of 20 girls but can be used or adapted for any age group or ability set. Please Leave a review.
Basketball Jump Shot Self AssessmentQuick View

Basketball Jump Shot Self Assessment

Best used when the performer is filmed on a tablet or mobile device by a partner. The sheet goes through the main teaching points of the jump shot for comparison with student performance. A great AfL task.
Basketball Lesson PlansQuick View

Basketball Lesson Plans

19 Basketball lesson plans showing how to teach everything from technical skills to attacking and defending tactics and games for understanding. Lay up , set shot, pivot, screen, dribbling, jump shot, passing, modified games ....... you name it all here.
Basketball - Outwitting OpponentsQuick View

Basketball - Outwitting Opponents

This is a 1hr 30mins lesson plan for basketball. I used this for my Year 8 group of 20 girls but can be used or adapted for any age group or ability set. Please Leave a review.
Basketball PronounsQuick View

Basketball Pronouns

A basketball-themed game that targets subject, object, and possessive pronouns. Game board, cue cards, and data collection sheet included.
Differentation in basketball - task cardsQuick View

Differentation in basketball - task cards

- This is great resource for a mixed ability group. - The tasks are set to meet a wide range of needs. - The lesson focus is on passing and receiving. - Alongside teacher demonstration is works brilliantly. - Includes task instructions - examples - Learning outcomes for individual groups Each task is differentiated to meet the needs of the group. RED TASK = LOWER ABILITY BLUE TASK = MIDDLE ABILITY GREEN TASK = HIGHER ABILITY
Basketball year 5Quick View

Basketball year 5

This is a great, fun and differentiated unit of work, including 6 lesson plans and 2 instruction sheets. This unit progresses the children from playing simple end ball games to playing a game of basketball. Children will be challenged physically, socially and mentally. Children will be expected to create their own warm-ups and create their own mini tournament. This unit can be used with basket ball nets or hoops depending on ability