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Psychology Revision

** Psychology Revision Escape Room ** Knowledge Escape Room Quiz - End of term fun for the whole class. No printing required! Just project the Powerpoint and off you go. Built in timers, video clips and answer reveals after every slide. This is an educational fun immersive 'themed Escape Room’ experience. Have the students compete individually, in teams or as a whole class the choice is yours! This resource is a great team-building activity to keep your students engaged during the last few days (or week) leading up to the end of term. There are seven different challenging puzzles and you have the choice of setting the timer at easy, medium or high difficult level for each escape. Students will complete a variety of tasks using different skills including: problem-solving, critical thinking, reading comprehension, literacy challenges and some clever deduction. Visit for more excellent resources The puzzles, bonus questions and challenges are a fun way to assess a topic or subject area. This resource covers a variety of different elements including: vocabulary, key terms. key themes, general subject knowledge, literacy and much more… ** Escape Room Quiz Experience** Super Hero Escape Room Contents ☞ Interactive 26 slide Powerpoint Escape Room Challenge ☞ Optional Escape Certificates ☞ Optional Team Sheet (Print it or use scrap paper instead) Common FAQ’s ★Group sizes: 1-30 students per team - (Participants up to 180) ★Time: Approximately 50-60 minutes (Provide hints along the way if time is a factor!) ★Materials: Aside from Powerpoint - all students need is a pen / pencil. How to run this escape challenge This escape room can be done without any printing we have however still included a team sheet (Slide 2) should you wish to use it, if not plain paper will more than suffice. The escape room is story driven by a YouTube video which is split into 9 sections. Introduction - Puzzle 1 – Puzzle 2 - Puzzle 3 – Puzzle 4 – Puzzle 5 – Puzzle 6 – Puzzle 7 - Success At various points you will be instructed to pause the video at these points you can go to the next slide in the presentation. Each video section (excluding Introduction and Success) will be followed by a puzzle. Every puzzle has three built in timers in the lower right hand corner to put the teams on a time limit of your choice if you so wish. Once the timer has expired or everyone has completed the puzzle teams can check their answers on the next slide using the CLICK TO REVEAL boxes. Once all answers for the current puzzle have been revealed move on to the next video section and subsequent puzzle until all 7 puzzles have been completed and everyone has escaped successfully (Optional) Give out winning certificates to the highest scorers.
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Forensic Psychology Revision Booklet

I’ve created a comprehensive set of notes for every topic in A Level Psychology. They completely cover the specification, condensing all the key theories, studies, applications and evaluations into one booklet. I used these notes only alongside practice questions & achieved an A* in 2017. Why they work: > Organised according to, and covering entirely, the AQA specification. > All AO1 and AO3 ready to answer exam questions > Presented in a concise and memorable way - easy to learn! Includes: • Problems in defining crime. Ways of measuring crime, including official statistics, victim surveys and offender surveys. • Offender profiling: the top-down approach, including organised and disorganised types of offender; the bottom-up approach, including investigative Psychology; geographical profiling. • Biological explanations of offending behaviour: an historical approach (atavistic form); genetics and neural explanations. • Psychological explanations of offending behaviour: Eysenck’s theory of the criminal personality; cognitive explanations; level of moral reasoning and cognitive distortions, including hostile attribution bias and minimalisation; differential association theory; psychodynamic explanations. • Dealing with offending behaviour: the aims of custodial sentencing and the psychological effects of custodial sentencing. Recidivism. Behaviour modification in custody. Anger management and restorative justice programmes. Check out my shop for more AQA A Level Psychology resources:
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GCSE Psychology Revision Quiz

50 Question multiple choice revision quiz for GCSE Psychology. Ideal class activity testing knowledge and understanding of content from different parts of the specification. Suitable for students who have completed or nearly completed the course as part of a revision lesson and helps with developing memory recall skills. Fully editable with ‘Ask me’ to give all students opportunities to answer. The quiz makes use of a 15 second timer to encourage quick thinking and improve speed of knowledge recall, after which the question is covered, only leaving the possible answers. Incorrect answers chosen are highlighted red to provide instant feedback to the students during the quiz and allowing for opportunities to discuss the correct answer. When playing the presentation, the quiz is navigated by on-screen buttons to encourage students to answer all questions rather than skipping through to ensure that they are familiar with these topics and consolidate their learning across the course. This also provides opportunities for students to identify areas of weakness where they need to focus their revision.
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A Level Psychology Curriculum Map

Psychology (AQA) Curriculum map - show students their learning journey. This one page - publisher document is easily editable so you can tailor it to your chosen paper 3 topics. I print this for my classroom and provide each student with a copy for their folder. I convert mine to PDF file for printing, so it neatly prints on 1 A4 page. A great resource to show intent, long term plan and curriculum content.
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Psychology Keyrings

Looking for a gift for your students? Why not make them Psychology meme themed keyrings? All you need to do is download this resource, print as many as you like and insert them into a blank keyring. The hard work of finding the memes and sizing them has been done for you. Quick and Easy!
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The APPROACHES Revision Powerpoint AQA Psychology

Full topic summary for revision for AQA Psychology - Includes wundt, cognitive, biological, behaviourist, social learning theory, psychodynamic and humanism approaches. I give the students a copy of the student version (usually 2 slides to page) to complete and annotate while I go through the teacher version as a class. Sometimes I make them complete the slide independently first, to see what they know before going through the teacher version. If you like this the same revision powerpoints are available for the following topics and can be bought individually or as bundles: Memory Social Influence Psychopathology Attachment Biopsychology Forensic Schizophrenia Gender Issues and Debates
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ATTACHMENT Revision Powerpoint for AQA Psychology

Designed to recap the whole attachment topic for new spec AQA Psychology. Includes shorten notes for interactions, role of father, animal studies, strange situation, explanations, maternal deprivation, institutionalisation and influence of childhood attachment. I give the students a copy of the student version (usually 2 slides to page) to complete and annotate while I go through the teacher version as a class. If you like this the same revision powerpoints are available for the following topics and can be bought as bundles: Memory Social Influence Psychopathology Approaches Biopsychology Forensic Schizophrenia Gender Issues and Debates
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A Level Psychology Essay Questions

3 Resources
This bundle contains three packs of suggested essay questions for the new Psychology specification: AQA A Level Psychology. Despite many students being able to recite key studies and theories by Milgram, Bowlby or Zimbardo, without plenty of practice putting these theories into essays and linking up ideas, they often fail to reach the top marks. However this resource provides students with LOADS of essays for each topic in the specification. It has a checklist encouraging them to plan the essay to pick the most relevant ideas, then write it and most importantly get it marked for feedback. When preparing for A Level Psychology some of the most crucial preparation is practice and this resource gives realistic, challenging and invaluable suggested questions. Hope these pre made questions save you some time and provide some practice material to help students secure the top grades! Check out my shop for more:
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PSYCHOPATHOLOGY Revision Powerpoint AQA Psychology

Designed to recap the whole psychopathology topic for new spec AQA Psychology. Includes shortened notes for definitions of abnormality, OCD, Depression and Phobias I give the students a copy of the student version (usually 2 slides to page) to complete and annotate while I go through the teacher version as a class. Or I get them to complete bits before we go through it. Another idea - You could delete more text off the student version and they could complete it all themselves for homework before you go through it. I have also included a set of exam questions on psychopathology and some blank boxed for short plans for essays on the topics for second years. I have also uploaded an attachment, Memory and some A2 topics (like Sz and Forensic).
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AQA Psychology Scheme of Work

AQA Psychology Detailled Scheme of Work Has links to literacy, Numeracy, EDI and Employability where appropriate. Video links and activity ideas. Lots of the lessons mentioned on this are on TES as well. Covers A2 and AS - Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3 (topics Gender, Forensic and Schizophrenia). It is for the dates 2021-2022.
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Statistics in Psychology

Appropriate for AQA psychology and OCR psychology (omit t-tests and Pearson’s). Includes all of the statistical tests within psychology - Sign test, Chi-squared, Wilcoxon, Mann-Whitney, Spearman’s, Related t-test, unrelated t-test and Pearson’s. Also includes choosing a statistical test, levels of measurement, significance, probability, type 1 and 2 errors and general correlations. Includes powerpoint with stages of all the tests, worksheets + answers for the different tests, a student cheat sheet and revision worksheet.
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Psychology: Research Methods: Sign Test

Lesson resources for the Sign Test: Lesson resources for the Sign Test: PowerPoint explaining how to work out the sign test. I teach the sign test at the end of inferential statistics when the students have a better understand what is meant by probability, significance and table of critical values as this make more sense to me. This PowerPoint does not explain these term (e.g. significance, probability, so the students what have covrered this already - or see my other resources for this). Exam questions Worked examples
BIOPSYCHOLOGY Revision Powerpoint AQA PsychologyQuick View

BIOPSYCHOLOGY Revision Powerpoint AQA Psychology

Designed to recap the whole of first and second year biopsychology for AQA Psychology. Most topics are condensed to one manageable slide that can be turned into revision cards. Also included a key terms recap revision sheet as a bonus. I give the students a copy of the student version (usually 2 slides to page) to complete and annotate while I go through the teacher version as a class. Sometimes asking them to complete sections before I go through it. I have uploaded a similar thing for all first year topics and Forensic, Gender, Schizophrenia and Issues and Debates for the other second year topics.
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Maths skills for AQA A Level Psychology

A bundle of resources that focus on Maths skills for the AQA Psychology A Level. Including: A RAG rating checklist for the skills listed on the specification (WORD & pdf) 2 Maths skills tests with answers - each test would take around 50 - 55 minutes to complete. (WORD & pdf) A revision presentation covering the Sign Test, Interpreting standard deviations and different distributions (ppt) A set of Maths challenges with answers (ppt) A revision skills booklet (with 6 different sets of questions) and a booklet with the answers (WORD & pdf) A set of 5 short maths quizzes which could be used as starters (with answers) (ppt)
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Psychology Display: Wonder Wall

Wonder Wall Psychology Display This is a firm favourite with my students. Display consists of 28 ‘did you know’ facts that all come from psychological research. Example ‘did you knows’ include: **Did you know **If you smile when you are in a bad mood, it will immediately improve your mood because the simple action of thinking about smiling and using the muscles is enough to trigger happy chemicals in your brain. Did you know When you remember a past event, you’re actually remembering the last time you remembered it. Did you know Research supports that even a small dose of power changes how a person’s brain operates and diminishes empathy. Can be used to create a colourful and interesting display board. Plain letter templates attached for the title - but I jazzed mine up by buying some wrapping paper from paperchase to make it prettier!
The COGNITIVE Approach AQA Psychology Full LessonsQuick View

The COGNITIVE Approach AQA Psychology Full Lessons

Resources for two-three lessons on the cognitive approach, includes vidoes, worksheets, activities and powerpoint. 1. Mental processes, including inferences and schema’s. This is packed with fun activities for students to try out to show them their mental processing (including loads of videos). 2. Comparing the mind to computers, cognitive neuroscience and evaluation of the cognitive approach (using the GHG book) Also included is some exam questions to use as a test for students and some good student responses and a summary crossword with answers.
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Approaches in Psychology

Befitting the new AQA spec , this is an information-worksheet booklet for Approaches in Psychology- paper 2. Appropriate for AS level exams in May 2016.
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AQA Psychology checklist

Breakdown of the AQA specification for A Level psychology into an easy-to-follow checklist for revision. Includes details of paper one and paper two content,with research methods fully explained; also includes breakdown of all 9 possible paper 3 options