SHEU: Why the development of good character matterQuick View

SHEU: Why the development of good character matter

Why the development of good character matters more than the passing of exams. An article by Dr Anthony Seldon in the June issue 2013 of the Education and Health (E&H) journal. EéH is published by the Schools Health Education Unit (SHEU)
SHEU Education and Health journal latest issueQuick View

SHEU Education and Health journal latest issue

Education and Health is an open access journal aimed at those involved with education and health who are concerned with the health and wellbeing of young people. Weblink also to archive of articles from 1983
SHEUBytes: Young people and visiting the doctorQuick View

SHEUBytes: Young people and visiting the doctor

The Schools Health Education Unit (SHEU) have been talking to young people, about their health and wellbeing, for over 30 years. Responses from over 400,000 12-15 year olds cover issues about visiting and feeling at ease with the doctor.
Technologies for learning? An actor-network theoryQuick View

Technologies for learning? An actor-network theory

How is the link between learner and technology made in mobile learning? What is the value of the concept of ‘affordances’? And how does research articulating this concept act to position mobile devices as ‘technologies for learning’? This literature review used both unstructured and structured search samples of published research on mobile learning to critically evaluate the prevalence and influence of the concept of the affordances of mobile technologies. Actor-network theory is drawn on as a theoretical lens through which to critically consider how this concept is articulated.
SHEUBytes: Self-esteem research about C&YPQuick View

SHEUBytes: Self-esteem research about C&YP

#SHEUres links to research about sefl-esteem, children and young people. This is not a definitive list from the Schools Health Education Unit: if you have more links to pdf or full text please let us know.
Cycling and young peopleQuick View

Cycling and young people

Cycling has significance for children and young people that adults are prone to forget. It is great fun, it can expand the territory over which children can get around on their own, it is usually a social activity and it allows for close engagement and interaction with the people, places and objects encountered en route. This review summarises and examines the public policy evidence and arguments on cycling and children and young people’s health, well-being and safety. It includes a discussion of the evidence and arguments on the issue of cycle helmets.
Pornography- tips on how to address in SRE lessonsQuick View

Pornography- tips on how to address in SRE lessons

This guide aims to support teachers with addressing the issue of pornography in lessons. It includes: - Why it needs to be addressed (also outlined in TES resources on 31/08/12) - Tips before you start - Developing a scheme of work around porn and sex in the media. -Sex in the Media -Body Image -Pornography and the Law -Attitudes and Values - Further Resources - Training providers - Other Useful Resources and Links
Ballet & Contemporary Scheme of Work Term 1aQuick View

Ballet & Contemporary Scheme of Work Term 1a

My second draft of a Ballet & Contemporary theory focussed scheme of work for AS Level Dance. The scheme explores Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham, Erick Hawkins/Release Technique and the origins of modern dance as well as touching upon a range of dance styles. This work will prepare students for studying A Level dance and taking the written paper in the summer. This is also relevant for the A2 paper. The PowerPoints link to each of the lessons and the videos are what I have used in class alongside the VHS Tapes/DVDs that I already have. Please comment, suggest ideas for improvement or point out anything I ought to include that I have missed. Thank you!