Is sociology a science?Quick View

Is sociology a science?

Based for A Level sociology, A full lesson on the sociology and science debate, based on any relevant textbooks, but ideally AQA A Level Sociology Book 2 by Webb and Westergaard. Includes activities exam question opportunities/self assessment, also differentiated via lesson outcomes.
A Level Sociology - Education QuizQuick View

A Level Sociology - Education Quiz

A PowerPoint Quiz consisting of 22 multiple choice questions based on the Education topic. Answers included on the last page. A great resource for quick checking of knowledge and/or interactive plenary activity.
Sociology Family RevisionQuick View

Sociology Family Revision

Sociology Family Revision A set of revision sheets for the full Families & Households topic for Paper 2 of AQA Sociology A Level. These notes are concise and intended for revision of key points, written for the AQA Sociology A Level specification 7191/7192 taught from September 2017. There are 13 sheets including; Functionalist perspective, Marxist perspective, Feminist perspectives, Postmodern perspective, Personal Life perspective, Demography, Changing Patterns, Family Diversity and Social Policy. In the pack there is both a colour and black and white version so you can print according to your preference.
AQA Sociology - Taster LessonQuick View

AQA Sociology - Taster Lesson

This taster lesson is designed to introduce prospective students to sociology. It covers what the subject of sociology is, what the A level exam entails and the types of topics that are studied. It includes some ‘lesson samples slides’ which are mini tasks taken from typical A level lessons. It also includes a ‘build a society’ task which allows students to begin to explore the different perspectives.
Welcome to Sociology! (Lesson and resources)Quick View

Welcome to Sociology! (Lesson and resources)

Introduction to Sociology- Lesson and resources. This bundle contains a PowerPoint lesson and video clips. It is designed to be an introduction to students who have not studied Sociology before and could be used as an intro to GCSE Sociology, Year 9/10 taster courses or A level/VCE Sociology type classes. The lesson contains information on the way Sociology differs from Biology and Psychology, The Sociological Imagination, Norms and Values, Socialisation including the agents of socialisation.
AQA A level Sociology ChildhoodQuick View

AQA A level Sociology Childhood

This resource contains an extensive lesson on Childhood. Ranging from 2-4 hours of teaching time. There is a range of activities including exam practice questions, video tasks, discussion/debate points, extended writing tasks, student examiner task etc. Please check the notes section for extra information and video links.
GCSE Sociology - Complete Workbook SetQuick View

GCSE Sociology - Complete Workbook Set

5 Resources
This bundle contains a complete series of workbooks made for GCSE Sociology students. It includes the four new workbooks made for each of the four main sections of the course (Family, Education, Crime & Deviance, and Social Stratification) and, as a bonus resource, my very popular Research Methods workbook. The workbooks were designed for the AQA specification and adapted for the WJEC/EDUQAS specification (two versions of each workbook are included in this resource pack). Each of the four main workbooks contains the following: Student Progress-Check Tasks A Personal Learning Checklist Activity 1 - Mind-Map Overview Task Activity 2 - Reading Comprehension Activity 3 - Key-Work Match & Listing Tasks Activity 4 - Online Research Tasks Activity 5 - Reading Comprehension Activity 6 - Bare-bones Essay Planning Task Activity 7 - Creative Tasks (Posters & Poetry) Activity 8 - Investigate & Report (Newspaper Article Task) Activity 9 - Reading Comprehension Activity 10 - Essay-Planning Activity Activity 11- Essay Assessment Extension Tasks (Many!) Each contains 25+ sides of activities and is designed to be printed as a double-sided workbook. The files are in editable Word (.doc) format in-case you wish to make any amendments (e.g. changing the exam questions). The workbooks are not designed to be a comprehensive: they each include selected readings and cover some (not all) of the topics listed in the specification. If you are happy with your purchase and leave a 5* rating for this TES bundle, please email me ( ) and I will send you a FREE ‘Revision Strategy Battle Planner’ which will be useful for your Year 11 students. Visit for more GCSE Sociology resources! Make sure you join the main GCSE Sociology Facebook group! Copyright Adam Godwin (2020) - strictly not for redistribution.
AQA Sociology Research Methods with ContextQuick View

AQA Sociology Research Methods with Context

12 Resources
This is a complete bundle of all the powerpoints and worksheets for research methods and methods in context. The powerpoints include: Choosing a research method The research context Experiments (with MIC) Questionnaires (with MIC) Interviews (with MIC) Observations (with MIC) Secondary Sources (with MIC) All of the powerpoints include activities to engage students and have exam focus embedded and broken down to support student learning. A worksheet is also available with all of the powerpoints. This is in line with the Webb et al Sociology book 1.
GCSE Sociology Knowledge Organisers COMPLETEQuick View

GCSE Sociology Knowledge Organisers COMPLETE

THANK YOU! I have had so many emails about these resources, and they are my most successful download! Please continue to review :D A complete bundle of knowledge organisers for the AQA New Specification (9-1) GCSE exam. These can be tweaked to suit other exam boards. Each knowledge organiser includes the Key Thinkers and a summary of key sociological theorists. Bundle includes: -Research Methods -Education -Family -Crime & Deviance -Social Stratification If you download, please leave a review.
AQA A Level Sociology Globalisation & EducationQuick View

AQA A Level Sociology Globalisation & Education

Please leave a review if you try out this resource! *Lesson follows new AQA guidance on AS and A Level Sociology 2022 * Just a quick lesson recapping on globalisation and education. Do now: recapping on education, MiC, families and any random topic of the AS course (following AQA specification) Starter: odd one out. Students need to identify the concept which is the odd one out and justify it with a link between the remaining 3 concepts Think pair share: Students try to recap on globalisation and make links to social policies. Handout: Class reading through the handout. Aspects highlighted in bold and purple - key bits for students to focus on and use for their homework! Planning: Students then plan how they would answer a 10 mark question on their MWB AO’s: Reminder to students and discussion on how they can identify the AO’s in a piece of work Example paragraph: Students are presented with an example paragraph and need to highlight the AO’s and annotate WWW and EBI which would help them to improve/write the second paragraph Homework: Students are to create revision material based on the handout they’ve read over previously and answer a 20 mark exam question for homework.
AQA A Level Sociology- EducationQuick View

AQA A Level Sociology- Education

For me the best way to revise sociology was condensing my notes, planning essays and learning sociologists. I have uploaded my extremely condensed notes as well as a table pointing which sociologists are relevant to learn under a specific topic. The day before our first paper, people freaked out that there was going to be a question based on Globalisation, so I have also included an essay on this.
Sociology Careers LessonQuick View

Sociology Careers Lesson

Sociology and Careers PowerPoint Lesson and Activities. This lesson contains 20 slides of activities start start with looking at how careers can be linked to this subject area and then exploring an average persons income for 2020 and how far that salary would go in the real world when taking into account taxes, NI, Student loan. Mortgages, Rent and fixed costs and bills etc. Then exploring what disposable income is. The lesson then moves on to considering employee rights and responsibilities (and those of Employers) creating a job profile and looking at what Labour Market Information is and how things Like Brexit and Covid-19 may impact future job prospects and the outlook of the labour market. Links are then provided to other places on the Internet where careers advice can be sought. I have also included an A3 card sort activity about the skills and qualities looked for by employers in school leavers. This lesson would work really well and be complemented by the set of 8 Careers posters we have developed for Sociology I have also included a Progress Passport activity which can be used to help encourage students to plan for the years 2021-2022 and focus on their positives and strengths and link this to their career choices and personal goals and targets they would like to set and achieve. Eveything is editable so please adapt and differentiate if needed. Contents included 1 x 20 Slide Powerpoint Lesson about Careers and links to Sociology 1 x Student Progress Passport 1 x Poster template 1 x School Leavers Card Sort and Sheet ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ Have a look at some of our highly popular specialist careers units: ☞ Year 7 Secondary Careers Unit ☞ Year 8 Secondary Careers Unit ☞ Year 9 Secondary Careers Unit ☞ Year 10 Secondary Careers Unit ☞ Year 11 Gatsby Benchmark Careers in Context Unit ☞ Year 12 Secondary Finance and Careers Unit ☞ Year 13 Secondary Finance and Careers Unit ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ Check out our full range of 2,500+ educational products on our website and sign up to our monthly newsletter to access free resources. We offer full secondary Careers curriculum… Product code: C8/LS/331
AQA Sociology - Family and HouseholdsQuick View

AQA Sociology - Family and Households

10 Resources
This is a complete bundle of the entire family and households topic. It includes a powerpoint and worksheet for: Couples The role of the family (individual powerpoint for each perspective) Demography Changing Patterns in the Family Childhood Family and Social Policy All of the powerpoints include activities to engage students and have exam focus embedded and broken down to support student learning. A worksheet is also available with all of the powerpoints. This is in line with the Webb et al Sociology book 1.
Reasons for family diversity SociologyQuick View

Reasons for family diversity Sociology

Information taken from Sociology AQA GCSE (Grade 1-9) textbook. (Rosie Owens and Ian Woodfield) to create a lesson that will be ideal for home learning and easily adaptable.


A Level Demography lesson. AQA Spec, WEbb textbook. Teaching time is 3-4 hours. Topics that are covered within the unit; Births Death Ageing population Migration Lesson includes; exam practice extended writing task MWB AFL Voluntary childness video task Baddie grannie video task analysis task
EDUCATION (20 Lessons) [ GCSE Sociology ]Quick View

EDUCATION (20 Lessons) [ GCSE Sociology ]

20 Resources
This bundle contains 20 lessons for the Education section of the new GCSE Sociology specification. This bundle was updated in March 2020 so that all of the PowerPoints are in the standard format and, consequently, more easy to edit than before. Whilst it is useful to any teacher of Sociology, it was designed for the new AQA Sociology GCSE specification (8192) taught from September 2017. It is designed to be a self-contained, comprehensive and complete resource: everything a teacher/department need to teach the Education section of the course. Each lesson comes in a .Zip file, This file contains: -A detailed lesson plan: highlighting differentiation, AfL, key-words, SMSC and a timeline of learning activities (.pdf) -A premium quality, editable, PowerPoint Presentation -Homework [-Most of the lessons include a worksheet (double-sided A4 or A3)] We take considerable time making the highest quality lessons and we believe these are the best GCSE Sociology resources money can buy, positive reviews are greatly appreciated. Our intention is to have the other units of the new . Check-out some of our most popular resources on TES! GCSE Religious Studies Buddhism (20 Lesson Unit) Buddhism (Thematic Studies Units) Christianity (Thematic Studies Units) Hinduism (20 Lesson Unit) Hinduism (Thematic Studies Units) Islam (Thematic Studies Units) . GCSE Religious Studies Facebook Community: .    GCSE Sociology Resources Complete Units (Whole Course) . GCSE Sociology Facebook Community: .  AS/A2 Revision Sessions OCR Religious Studies AQA Philosophy AQA Sociology .  Philosophy for Children (P4C) The Ultimate P4C Resource Pack The Debating Society Toolkit Philosophy Boxes . Download new Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning Resources at You can download some FREE Metacognitive Strategies here: And learn all about metacognition & self-regulated learning for free here: Join our community on Facebook!: . . Other Tools A3 DIRT Worksheet (15+ 5-star ratings!) KS3 RE Units
Introduction to SociologyQuick View

Introduction to Sociology

Please be aware that this resource was written for a specific teacher, so some of the links won't work as they&'re links to stuff on my pc. Feel free to adapt and change as much as you want!
Writing SociologicallyQuick View

Writing Sociologically

A powerpoint slide show that examines techniques to improve your essay writing skills. The Lecture presents some introductory rules about writing sociologically. It is not presented as a complete guide to writing essays, or to the skill domains by which work is assessed. This slideshow is about skills. There is no printed summary or specific test.