VCOP GamesQuick View

VCOP Games

Two games for use with VCOP. One is a Sentence Openers game - build a paragraph by rolling a dice and follwing the instructions. The second is a board game based on the Fiery Ideas ‘complication’ software. Topics also included: sentence structure and punctuation.

By charliee

VCOP activitiesQuick View

VCOP activities

A collection of ideas to develop use of Ros Wilson VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, sentence openers and connectives) collated from TES primary thread. Topics also included: word work; sentence structure and punctuation.

By bluerose

100 VCOP Whiteboard QuickiesQuick View

100 VCOP Whiteboard Quickies

VCOP based one-a-day starters for Literacy. Covers Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation. Based on others I saw. I have added to, tidied up, changed and adapted to suit me. Hope they suit you too!

By theautisticteacher

VCOP early morning activitiesQuick View

VCOP early morning activities

Series of slides with short challenges supporting the Ros Wilson VCOP (Vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation) made from collation of a TES primary thread and range of other materials. Designed to be put up on IWB at start of day or to be clicked on in odd moment or printed off as cards for early finishers. Other topics covered:setting; language choice.

By bluerose

VCOP Resource BankQuick View

VCOP Resource Bank

I’ve pulled together various resources such as quick fire activities that I’d previously uploaded separately, and games and links suggested by other posters (notably bluerose) into 1 document.

By cariad2

VCOP openers on keysQuick View

VCOP openers on keys

This is a resource I made for my VCOP display. I have used openers from the Ros Wilson Pyramid and added some of my own. I have included the word files so they're editable and the PDF files for printing in different sizes. Hope they're of some use to someone.

By schadenfroh

Parents' guide to VCOPQuick View

Parents' guide to VCOP

I recently used these documents when advising parents how they could support their childrens' writing at home by using VCOP. I would really appreciate feedback/ rating

By cleb1202

VCOP - Super PowersQuick View

VCOP - Super Powers

Loved the VCOP superheroes - so much so that I had to write a list of their special powers. [new version - errors corrected]

By Zakjan

VCOP quick fire activitiesQuick View

VCOP quick fire activities

A selection of quick fire activities (suitable for use in plenary or as 5 minute time fillers) to encourage children to think about Vocabulary, Connectives, Openings and Punctuation. They are designed to be cut into strips and then laminated. I find it useful to have a separate bag for each of the 4 areas, to make it easier to (literally and metaphorically) dip into them. I made them to use with a Year 1 class, but they may be useable or adaptable for other ages

By cariad2

Ros Wilson VCOP PyramidQuick View

Ros Wilson VCOP Pyramid

Absolutely fab way of helping children see what they need to do to make their writing better. Can be started as early as Y1, just give them the info thats relevant to them. Ros Wilson has helped loads of schools improve their children's writing.

By arth

Quick VCOP activitiesQuick View

Quick VCOP activities

I collated lots of ideas I had for starters and others I found on the internet onto a PowerPoint Presentation. Really useful if you have a spare 5 mins.

By v3884

VCOP Superhero StickersQuick View

VCOP Superhero Stickers

Using Ilovemarmites great superhero idea and images. Will print out on sticker sheets of 3 x 7 (21 stickers per sheet). Topics also included: classroom display.

By kittycat3

Vikings - Story Planning VCOPQuick View

Vikings - Story Planning VCOP

A planning sheet for a Vikings story using a VCOP focus on Connectives/Openers. Aimed at Primary 3/4/5 this provides a cleas structure for planning an imaginative story.

By alikennedy4

Improve the sentence using VCOPQuick View

Improve the sentence using VCOP

Power point to show how children's sentences can be improved as well as sheets to be adapted for homework/ children's early moring work. I would really appreciate feedback/ rating

By cleb1202

VCOP Challenge cardsQuick View

VCOP Challenge cards

here they are, let me know what you think and i will ammend. Topics also included: classroom display.

By talulabell