Undefined slope from a table ex 4 .Quick View

Undefined slope from a table ex 4 .

Video tutorial on how to determine the slope of line by looking at a table, graph as well as two points. We will use methods such as inspection, slope triangle, and the slope formula. It
Slope Guided NotesQuick View

Slope Guided Notes

Guided Notes on different types of slopes, how to calculate slope from graphs, tables, pictures, and points. Undefined and zero slopes. Also, how to find a coordinate if given 1.5 points and the slope.
Algebra 2 midterms examQuick View

Algebra 2 midterms exam

This is a sample Algebra 2 midterm exam which covers the following: regressions, functions, intercepts, rotations, translations, interval notation, set builder notation, absolute value, isometry, undefined fractions, correlation coefficient.