Undefined slope from a table ex 4 .Quick View

Undefined slope from a table ex 4 .

Video tutorial on how to determine the slope of line by looking at a table, graph as well as two points. We will use methods such as inspection, slope triangle, and the slope formula. It
Slope Guided NotesQuick View

Slope Guided Notes

Guided Notes on different types of slopes, how to calculate slope from graphs, tables, pictures, and points. Undefined and zero slopes. Also, how to find a coordinate if given 1.5 points and the slope.
Gradients - Treasure HuntQuick View

Gradients - Treasure Hunt

16 gradients clues, including negatives, positives, undefined and zero on a variety of scales. Work out the answer then find the next clue that has that answer at the top. Includes answer sheet and solutions. Also includes a letter on each clue that form an anagram to be solved: gradients are cool.


This is a coloring activity on finding the slope of two points for 16 problems. Students will color the picture according to the correct answer for each problem. I used 8 colors in the design and I put in 2 different designs. The “A” design goes with the flower problems and the “B” problems go with the positive, negative, 0 and undefined sheet.
Improper Integrals - Further maths A level A2Quick View

Improper Integrals - Further maths A level A2

Improper Integrals covers; Identify why a given integral is improper Understand and clearly demonstrate the limiting processes involved, using correct notation Identify when and why an improper integral does not have a finite value Identify the point(s) where the integrand is undefined Evaluate improper integrals where the integrand is undefined at a value in between the limits of integration. These PowerPoints form full lessons of work that together cover the full A level Further Maths course for the AQA exam board. Together all the PowerPoints include; • A complete set of notes for students • Model examples • Probing questions to test understanding • Class questions including answers • Individual whiteboard work • Links to exercises in ‘AQA approved textbooks by Camb uni Press’ these can easily be edited for your textbook The PowerPoints can be used in the lesson and also given to students that have missed a lesson Videos of the lessons are all on You Tube so you can see the PowerPoint lessons fully first I have added ‘Further Maths 5 - Matrices Transformation’ and ‘Further Maths 23 - Network Flows’ for free download Please leave a review as it will really help me to improve my resources
Transforming GraphsQuick View

Transforming Graphs

Seven worksheets for exploring the effect of transformations on graphs. Learn how parabolas and cubic graphs can be sketched quickly by looking at their equations and seeing how they are transformed from the basic y = x² and y = x³ graphs. Transform graphs of undefined functions by looking at the graph’s new equation and deciding what transformation it represents. Translations, reflections, reflections and stretches. These worksheets include answers and are suitable both for extra support for A-level students who need to be able to understand transformations fluently. For more resources like this please visit the SKILLSHEETS Shop
Unusual Equations (Index Laws)Quick View

Unusual Equations (Index Laws)

You can use this in a number of ways. I sometimes get the kids to solve by trial and error (good practice for substitution on a calculator). When they get an x that "works" I write it up on the board. With a board full of solutions I then ask them if they can find any patterns. Alternatively you could insist that they use index laws to solve the equations in the first place. Opportunities to discuss 1^n=1, n^0=1, (-1)^2n=1 and 0^0=undefined.