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Unseen Poetry

A fully differentiated 1 hour lesson to help students prepare and revise for Section B and C of AQA English Language Paper 2. Includes analysis of AOs, analytical paragraph models and more.
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Unseen Poetry

SEVEN fully differentiated and resourced lessons from a TES Award nominated author that help to prepare students studying AQA English Literature to prepare for the ‘Unseen Poetry’ sections in AQA English Literature Paper 2. All lessons are also easily adaptable for KS3 students, too.
GCSE Unseen Poetry - NettlesQuick View

GCSE Unseen Poetry - Nettles

A poem that looks at Nettles and provides students with support on how to analyse poetry. Fully resourced with sentence starters for those who need extra support.
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AQA Exemplar unseen poetry response

This resource contains model answers for Q1 and Q2 in the unseen poetry section C for the AQA English Literature exam Paper 2. The answers are based on the poems 'Against Road Building' by Sophie Hannah and 'I am very bothered' by Simon Armitage.
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Unseen Poetry - AQA GCSE - Complete Pack

A series of lessons guiding students in structuring their responses to the Unseen Poetry tasks in the English Literature examination. Each lesson includes: Differentiated activities Annotated exemplar responses Examiner advice Engaging group learning A range of unseen poems Also included is a booklet which could be used for intervention, homework or in lessons.
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Unseen Poetry

1hr PP with differentiated tasks and worksheets, a GCSE introduction All tasks differentiated according to new GCSE numbering system Complete 1 hour, well differentiated lesson Suitable for KS4 or adapted for KS3 Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above Many more inexpensive, high quality English resources are available at my shop: Lead Practitioner's Shop.
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Take Me To Church - Unseen Poetry

This lesson uses the controversial song take me to church as unseen poem, the lesson allows for students to engage with the wider context, themes and consequently the language to allow for high order responses. This lesson was graded outstanding by Ofsted. A great and fun way to approach unseen poetry, or simply as a stand alone lesson.
AQA GCSE English Literature Paper 2: Unseen Poetry LessonsQuick View

AQA GCSE English Literature Paper 2: Unseen Poetry Lessons

A 50 slide presentation of 4 lessons designed to introduce and consolidate approaches to the unseen poetry section of the English Literature exam. The lessons link to the new AQA specification but could easily be adapted to suit other specifications. Each lesson contains a wide variety of activities including individual and group work, assessment opportunities and model answers. Lesson 1 - introduction to unseen poetry working through an analysis of 'Hard Frost' by Andrew John Young. Lesson 2 - unseen analysis of 'Nettles' by Vernon Scannell. Lesson 3 - unseen analysis of 'In the Orchard After Midnight' by Brian Patten focusing on mood and tone. Lesson 4 - introduction to comparing unseen poems for the final question on Paper 2 of the English Literature exam. Lessons 3 and 4 can be used in conjunction with the AQA unseen poetry resource booklet which can be found on the AQA website. I have only included the first stanza of each poem due to copyright reasons but have included clear links as to where you can access the rest of the poem within the presentation.
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Unseen Poetry/Unseen Poetry Comparison

This resources tackles the unseen poetry aspect of the GCSE AQA Literature paper. Resource includes: * DO NOW activity - this explores the title of the poem explored in the lesson. It looks as connotations, associations and adjectives when exploring the title of a poem. * Date, title and learning objectives - there are four. * Comprehending the unseen poem - what is the unseen poem? This explains and defines what it is and provides stem questions for examination. * How to plan a response - this slide offers a step by step process to answering the question including looking at structure, meaning, message and language. * Reading and analysis of an unseen poem * SQUID paragraph model * Exploration of the unseen poem mark scheme NEW! MODEL ANSWERS ALONGSIDE MARK SCHEME. (BAND 2 AND BAND 4) Colour coded responses to clearly identify where response is meeting the marks scheme. * Exploration of the 8 mark unseen poetry comparison question
Unseen Poetry Big Bundle!Quick View

Unseen Poetry Big Bundle!

THIS BUNDLE CONTAINS ALL OF THE ‘UNSEEN POETRY’ LESSONS, INCLUDING ANALYSING LANGUAGE, ANALYSING STRUCTURE, ESTABLISHING CONTENT AND COMPARING POEMS, IN ADDITION TO THE KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER/ REVISION MAT. These engaging and varied, resources have been designed to aid students in gaining the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the ‘Unseen Poems’ element of English Literature examinations. Made up of a wide-range of interesting and exciting lessons and revision resources, students should complete this scheme having gathered vital skills in: interpreting the significant meanings of the poems from making key inferences, understanding poets’ ideas through their use of language and structure, and structuring comparative writing effectively to offer clear, considered, qualified responses. Stimulating, visual, and easily adaptable, these lessons provide suggested learning objectives and outcomes for students of a wide-range of abilities - The vast majority of tasks are differentiated to allow for different abilities and needs in your classroom. Engaging, comprehensive, presentations, activity resources, worksheets, copies of practice poems and lesson plans are all provided.
AQA Unseen Poetry WorksheetQuick View

AQA Unseen Poetry Worksheet

A quick and easy unseen poem that ties in well with the power and conflict anthology of AQA. Suitable for Key Stage Four Medium to High ability
10 Unseen Poetry startersQuick View

10 Unseen Poetry starters

Whether revising unseen poetry or honing reading skills, focusing on a few lines of poetry as a starter enables students to practise picking out key words and commenting on them, as well as noting structural and literary devices. You could also use these as prompts for descriptive writing with a brigh KS3 group, or the new creative writing A-Level.
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Unseen poetry AQA 9-1 Spec GCSEQuick View

Unseen poetry AQA 9-1 Spec GCSE

A few exam questions on the new unseen section of the AQA exam for literature (9-1 spec). Questions could be altered for other exam board expectations. The rolling powerpoint outlines the exam methods used and prompts as well as activities.
AQA English Literature -Unseen PoetryQuick View

AQA English Literature -Unseen Poetry

Unseen poetry for AQA unseen. 3 poems for Analysis including full poems with on screen display and annotations for class. Questions for discussion. Techniques explained. Finally 2 poems on a similar theme to compare including plans to follow and basic scaffolding for less confident students to build their written response. Poems include "Handbag" by Ruth Fainlight, "Don't Say I Said "by Sophie Hannah "Flowers" by Wendy Cope
Comparing Unseen Poetry Knowledge Organiser/ Revision Mat!Quick View

Comparing Unseen Poetry Knowledge Organiser/ Revision Mat!

This detailed and visually-appealing resource offers a complete reference point for students preparing for the ‘Unseen Poetry’ elements of English Literature examinations. It is ideal for GCSE and A Level students, as it contains detailed and comprehensive sections (including explanations, examples and key questions) on: Content -Subject Matter, Context, Tone, Atmosphere, The Poet; Language - Similes, Metaphors, Interesting Adjectives, Interesting Verbs, Imagery, Onomatopoeia, Alliteration, Assonance, Personification, Hyperbole, Oxymoron, Repetition; Form and Strcuture - Common Forms, Rhyme/ Rhyme Schemes, Metre, Rhythm, Stanzas, Line Type, Line Length. Plus lists of Adding Connectives and Contrasting Connectives for use when comparing. Key words and ideas are underlined for easy reference. The resource is designed to be printed onto A3, and is provided as both a PDF and a Word version (so that you can edit if you want to). All images used are licensed for commercial use and are cited on a separate document (included).
Unseen poetry anthology 1- popular resourceQuick View

Unseen poetry anthology 1- popular resource

5 pairs of poems with accompanying exam questions. The poems are linked thematically. Created for the AQA literature exam- however the questions can be deleted and the poems used in any poetry lesson. FIRST OF 4 ANTHOLOGIES
AQA unseen poetry- comparisonsQuick View

AQA unseen poetry- comparisons

AQA unseen poetry- Two sample questions with poems included. One sample essay for students to mark and use as a model for their own writing. Poems include Bright Star by Keats and What lips my lips have Kissed by Millay.