Visual Timetable  - 90 cardsQuick View

Visual Timetable - 90 cards

This resource includes 66 large display cards that feature a picture and the worded description of the activity and includes 24 additional cards for those with severe needs. You can choose to use cards that use the particular terminology that your school or setting uses. For example, there are cards for both Literacy and English. The cards come in two sizes - 7cm x 7cm (6 cards to an A4 sheet) and 11cm x 11cm (2 cards to an A4 sheet). All subjects and key times of the school day are included. There are in addition many other cards including visitor, school trip, class meeting, school council, birthday, quiz, mental maths, circle time and more. The 24 extra cards for those with severe needs include: stop, wait, yes, no, wipe nose and tie shoelaces. Images were generated using Microsoft Office clip-art and used with permission under the terms of the project licences.
Visual Timetable using Widgit(T) SymbolsQuick View

Visual Timetable using Widgit(T) Symbols

A timetable of 32 Widgit(T) word and symbol cards that together create a visual timetable for use in the classroom. When printed, symbols measure approximately 7 x 6cm. The symbols included are: Maths - English - Science - Phonics - D.T. - French - Music - P.E. - Art - Spelling - Handwriting - Geography - History - R.E. - Computing - PSHE - Topic - Assembly - Registration - Playtime - Lunch - Club - Hometime - Golden Time - Story - Circle Time - Guided Reading - Swimming - Surprise - Rehearsal - Snack - Choosing Sold under licence from Widgit(T). Widgit Symbols (C) Widgit Software 2002 - 2015
Visual timetableQuick View

Visual timetable

Visual timetable for KS1 or KS2 covering all subjects with colour pictures
Visual Timetable / Daily TimetableQuick View

Visual Timetable / Daily Timetable

This is a visual daily timetable of some common subjects. Can be edited for any stage/curriculum. Visual supports can help to provide structure and routine, encourage independence, build confidence, improve understanding, avoid frustration and anxiety, and provide opportunities to interact with others. They can make communication physical and consistent, rather than fleeting and inconsistent like spoken words can be.
Editable Visual TimetableQuick View

Editable Visual Timetable

84 visual pre-made timetable cards in your choice of size and either a bright colour or grey background! Every card in two colours and sizes. PLUS 24 blank cards for you to print, cut and laminate and then write with those one off events that can happen in schools. PLUS 8 editable cards (instructions included) in PowerPoint for you to add school specific or class specific activities! N.B. Before opening the PowerPoint please download and install KG A Teeny Tiny Font which is available free for personal use. These have been created to take into account different terminology used within schools and different spelling of words such as centres/centers. Each learning area / activity/event is available pre-made in 2 sizes and with a bright colour background or grey background. Large cards measure 20.4cm x 7.3cm when printed and cut. Small cards measure 14.5cm x 5 cm when printed and cut. Simply use the range of cards available (includes a today card) to set up your visual timetable and then add your own school specific cards with the blank or editable cards. All new products (excluding bundles) are 50% off for the first 48 hours so be sure you are following my social media sites below to take advantage of this! Thanks for stopping by Resourcing Time Follow Resourcing Time on Facebook. Like Resourcing Time on Pinterest Terms of Use: © Resourcing Time This publication may only be printed by the original purchaser for use within their class(es). No part of this publication may be edited, shared, reproduced, distributed, re-sold or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, printing, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Violations are subject to the penalties of the digital Millennium Copyright Act Tags: back to school, visual timetable, editable visual timetable, editable school schedule, editable class schedule, daily visual timetable, Resourcing Time, daily schedule, daily timetable, timetable display, classroom decor
First & Then visual timetable board with timetable symbolsQuick View

First & Then visual timetable board with timetable symbols

This is an extremely useful resource to aid pupils with ASD to help them sequence their daily routine. I use it in my class to smooth transitions between subjects and locations and it reduces stress levels in pupils who find these transitions challenging. It can begin with just 1 symbol before building up to 5 so pupils can structure their tasks, morning routine or day. The symbols are Mayer Johnston images found within the popular Boardmaker software and reproduce with permission so they will correspond to any other resources already in place using this software.
Visual TimetableQuick View

Visual Timetable

Visual Timetable - in squares with clear clipart and can be easily adapted. Also includes a page of blank squares to also add your own if needed. Please note pictures have been taken from the online images section on Microsoft Word - all images chosen were 'Creative Commons' only.
Visual timetable - weekly and dailyQuick View

Visual timetable - weekly and daily

As a behaviour specialist, I am aware of the challenges transitions and breaks can have on our young people. These can include different teachers in the room as well as changes to the normal timetable. I developed these visual timetables for teachers to use each day as routine throughout the school. Can be used in collaboration with Visual Timetables - annual
Visual timetable - annualQuick View

Visual timetable - annual

As a behaviour specialist, I am aware of the challenges transitions and breaks can have on our young people. I developed these visual timetables which are displayed around the school and in each classroom so that children can see the shifting of time. This has resulted in a decrease of behaviour in the last week of term and our most vulnerable children now understand and can see when they are to change class. Used in primary and I have used this with secondary aged children too. My other resource - weekly visual timetable compliments this
Visual timetable icon packQuick View

Visual timetable icon pack

Individual icons for creating your own personalised visual timetables. Use them for creating individual student timetables. Update! Added Technology icon and blank timetable.
Visual Timetable ChartQuick View

Visual Timetable Chart

This cute giraffe visual timetable chart is a nice way to show what lessons are planned for the day. This timetable chart measures to 160cm x 21.6cm while the boxes for the cards measure 9.6cm x 9.6cm. Print this giraffe on cardstock and laminate for longer durablity.
Visual timetable labelsQuick View

Visual timetable labels

As I got rather bored of writing the timetable on the side of the whiteboard every day, I created this resource (in Publisher), to create a visual timetable, using clip-art, which can be laminated and blu-tacked on instead. Great for last-minute changes to the timetable, and useful for ESL learners too. I've also included the equivalent book and file labels, to be used in parallel.
EYFS Visual TimetableQuick View

EYFS Visual Timetable

Do your students like a structured day? Are they always asking what is next? It sounds like you need a new EYFS Visual timetable. I use Visual Timetables in all my lessons - it lets the students know what to expect throughout the day. It really helps with classroom management and behaviour management. If you like this resource, please leave a comment and a review. For more of my teaching resources, please visit my Educational Resources Blog (
Visual Timetable DisplayQuick View

Visual Timetable Display

This adaptable timetable was originally designed for use with a Nurture Group but was also used in a PRU class and is likely to be easily adaptable for any primary age use. It would also be ideal for SEN rooms, use with small groups and for individual timetables for children with SEN. It is easy to use for the busy teacher and reinforces teaching of telling the time. There are images for many of activities which take place during a school day, not just subjects, and there are some blank spaces for additional activities. Pictures used from Microsoft Office Clip Art.