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Tes School Portal is your new way to post job adverts quickly on Tes.

Request first for your school to be set up through this form.

If you already have been provided with a school account, simply log into Tes with it, and go to My School to access your school portal and place your advert.

Find quality talent quickly and easily, and get time back

Introducing Tes School Portal

It is your new and FREE online recruitment tool to make your whole recruitment process quicker, smarter and smoother.

  • Post your adverts in a few simple clicks
  • Craft and edit your free and fully-branded Career Site
  • Access the new Online Application Form
  • View all your jobs' statistics and keep track of their performance
  • Access your Applicant Tracking System to easily manage applications
  • Work together as a team to shortlist and interview candidates

Manage your whole recruitment process all in one place

Your Career Site

Your FREE mobile-friendly single destination helps you promote your school and jobs to candidates, and gives you that extra edge to compete for quality talent.

  • Craft your profile to position your school as an employer of choice
  • Display all your jobs in a few simple clicks
  • Link your school website to it easily
  • Reach a greater audience by advertising your jobs on Tes
  • With a subscription, all of your jobs are automatically advertised on Tes

Now you are ready to deliver a great candidate experience

The new Online Application Form

Double the number of applications your job receives with this online, mobile-friendly application form based on the best practice of UK schools.

  • Teachers are twice as likely to complete a job application on Tes if a school uses the Tes Online Application Form instead of uploading its own form.*
  • Personalised with your logo and your school name to present a professional employer profile
  • Candidates see basic details pre-populated from their Career Profile, giving them more time to focus on writing a personal statement directed at your school
  • Contains all the information schools across the UK have told us they need (including teacher training information, education and employment history and equal opportunities monitoring)
  • Export into a PDF, share, print and store in your desktop folders

*Tes report, based on 11,419 submitted applications over the 30 days up to January 20, 2017.

Your Applicant Tracking System

Never lose a good candidate with this free simple-to-use online tool that streamlines the management of your applicants, at each and every stage of your recruitment process.

  • Accessible for free as part of Tes School Portal
  • Easily review, search and share all your applicants for immediate shortlisting fast, or ‘bank’ candidates for other potential roles
  • Improve the application experience of your candidates seamlessly communicating on the outcome of their application at every stage of your recruitment
  • Easily integrate your own application forms or process