I wrote this version of the Lord’s Prayer a few years ago - the words go back slightly further! It’s from a set of 12 songs called Praise Songs For Assembly available from my web site www.notablesongs.co.uk. Other songs include We’re Growing Up, My Mum Loves Me (written for Mothers’ Day), Some People Have Nowhere To Go (a song about homelessness) and God Loves Us All .If you would like a free copy of all 12 songs (and a backing track CD) email me at donnajminto@yahoo.co.uk or send me a PM. For more info visit my web site at www.notablesongs.co.uk. I’d love to receive your feedback!


  • The Lord's Prayer - Piano Backing.mp3
  • The Lord's Prayer - Vocal.mp3
  • The Lord's Prayer.pdf
  • Praise Songs with lyrics.ppt
  • The Lord’s Prayer - Lyrics and Teaching Notes.doc

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3 Reviews

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    user avatargogglehead2 years agoreport

    Love it! Thank you sister. God bless you xxxx (Love the Jewish type phrase in middle!)

  • 4
    user avatarWolvesbarb4 years agoreport

    Thank you so much - you have saved me so much time!

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    user avatartafkam6 years agoreport

    This could be particularly good for faith schools looking for alternative ways to introduce the Lord's Prayer with younger students.