A very CRASH guide to English GCSE AQA

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I have developed this resource in A5 - in the hope that students keep it in their pockets as anything as big as A4 is deemed a big negative by some students. This resource offers a crash guide/technique to the exam.

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A very crash guide to AQA English GCSE

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CreatedJan 7, 2013
UpdatedNov 25, 2014

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    user avatarClairecopp3 years agoReport

    Thanks - bright, simple and with useful tips. Some acronyms I hadn't come across before, too!

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    user avatarmwelke4 years agoReport

    Thank you for the resourse. I live in Canada and some of the terms are unfamiliar to our students, but with some modification it will emphasise good writing, even if the terminology is not the same. Otherwise this would have been a 5!!!!!