Alive or not? MRS GREN

This power point starts with 'Alive or Not?' starter then has lovely images to help explain MRS GREN. Also includes a drag and drop activity for cells-tissues-organ-organ system. Made for a LOW ABILITY year 7 class. SOME PICTURES THAT RELATE TO EACH MRS GREN CRITERIA ARE THERE TO CHALLENGE MISCONCEPTIONS, E.G. LUNG PICTURE FOR RESPIRATION.


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    Excellent ppt . Teaching a six year old can be a challenge but she loved it. Its been very helpful .Thank you for sharing

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    Lovely engaging powerpoint! thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share it

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    carman883 years agoReport

    Questions are very open ended and have no criteria, pupils will not be led towards the correct answers. The pictures do not link well to the MRS GREN criteria and involve alot of guess work. Great starter idea, could take it a step further and add in an extenstion to Explain why WWW: Good use of pictures and colour, fantastic starter slide. EBI: Use key skills in your questioning to receive a more closed answer e.g. Suggest something an animal does that would mean it is alive.......

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    Achem M4 years agoReport

    This is an excellent ppt, very well thought out with good AFL throughout. THank you for sharing.

Mar 9, 2011
Feb 3, 2014

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