Students often struggle to make the connection between respiration as a process and as an equation. This lesson includes a number of activities which reinforce the idea of respiration as the process that occurs in cells and that is NOT the same as breathing!!!


  • Respiration 8.2 Lesson Plan.doc
  • Respiration worksheet and sorting cards.doc
  • Respiration Dictaphone Activity Script.docx

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    The things that were goo about this is because the files gives me everything that I was looking for, for the class ready for when I am being a teacher to the rest of the class and I will be doing it tomorrow. thank you for letting me join this website and downloading things for lessons.

    • user avatarhughsie36Reply from Author4 months ago

      Thanks for taking the time to review this. Hope your lesson goes well tomorrow.

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    user avatarjamine017 months agoreport

    excellent. I teach secondary school but have a class of 20 SEN students. Was struggling to find an activity for this. Thanks again!

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    user avatarkclegg1a year agoreport

    You still have pupil names and SEN info etc on your lesson plan!

    • user avatarhughsie36Reply from Authora year ago

      Thanks for your concern, but they are not full or real names. I left the SEN info on to give a flavour of how I needed to differentiate. Hope you find the resource useful.

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    user avatargulalai2 years agoreport

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    Thank you! I teach special needs and these resources are v useful.