AQA LITA3: Love Through the Ages

Teaching and study pack for AQA English Literature Specification A, Unit 3 LITA3 Reading for Meaning - Love Through the Ages.


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  • JanetKRosea month agoReport

    This resource is fabulous - thank you. I am supporting a home-schooled student through this unit, so this is an excellent time saver and valuable guide. We appreciated the wider reading suggestions in particular. Much appreciated.

  • sagray4 years agoReport

    This is excellent - I needed as I am supported a student through the unit that I don't teach and this was so helpful and explained lots to me - thank you!

  • An excellent resource which clearly explains the aim of the unit. Some nice examples of wider reading for students to look at either independently or within the classroom.

  • Dannied14 years agoReport

    This resource is brilliant. The work that has gone into it is such a time saver for people new to this. Utterly grateful. So many different tyoes of love explored. Thank you so very much!

  • radne4 years agoReport

    For NZ teachers; some great stuff for close reading/unfamiliar text Years 12 and 13, also a good resource to get students thinking about themes for the 'connections' standards in the new matrix