Become an ocean explorer KS2 unit of work
Our Ocean Planet is a full unit of work covering all aspects of the ocean across Key Stage 2. Each lesson is written with an ocean expert - scientist, advocate or explorer (great for STEM careers). Together they form a learning voyage around the world, discovering more about out ocean planet through core aspects of the science and geography programmes of study as well as developing numeracy and literacy skills.

The unit works in two parts. First, students will explore the UK seas learning about the names and locations of marine places, marine habitats and the diversity of marine life, as well as the contribution of the sea to the UK economy. Students then go on a global ocean voyage to each of the main oceans, learning about diverse marine topics from the water cycle in the Arctic to evolution in the Southern Ocean and classification on coral reefs in the Indian Ocean.

A full list of topics is below and the downloads include the unit booklet with lesson plans, student sheets, practical guidance and subject updates. Slideshows for each lesson are separate downloads.

Mission 1: UK seas with Paul Rose
Mission 2: UK marine habitats with Dr Helen Findlay
Mission 3: UK marine life with Dr Ceri Lewis
Mission 4: Using our seas with Emily Penn
Mission 5: Our ocean voyage with Prof Alex Rogers
Mission 6: The Arctic Ocean and water cycle with Dr Mark Brandon
Mission 7: The Atlantic Ocean and climate with Dr Penny Holliday
Mission 8: The Indian Ocean and classification with Anjani Ganase
Mission 9: The Pacific Ocean and plastic pollution with Jo Royle
Mission 10: The Southern Ocean and penguin adaptation with Dr Lucy Quinn
Mission 11: The Southern Ocean and penguin evolution with Dr Lucy Quinn
Mission 12: Captain's log


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  • Slideshow-1---The-UK-seas-with-Paul-Rose---OOP-Mission-1.pdf
  • Slideshow-2---UK-marine-habitats-with-Dr-Helen-Findlay---OOP-Mission-2.pdf
  • Slideshow-3---UK-marine-life-with-Dr-Ceri-Lewis---OOP-Mission-3.pdf
  • Slideshow-4---Using-our-seas-with-Emily-Penn---OOP-Mission-4.pdf
  • Slideshow-5---Our-ocean-voyage-with-Alex-Rogers---OOP-Mission-5.pdf
  • Slideshow-6---The-Arctic-Ocean-and-the-water-cycle-with-Dr-Mark-Brandon---OOP-Mission-6.pdf
  • Slideshow-7---The-Atlantic-Ocean-and-climate-with-Dr-Penny-Holliday---OOP-Mission-7.pdf
  • Slideshow-8---The-Indian-Ocean-and-classification-with-Anjani-Ganase---OOP-Mission-8.pdf
  • Slideshow-9---The-Pacific-Ocean-and-plastic-pollution-with-Jo-Royle---OOP-Mission-9.pdf
  • Slideshow-10---The-Southern-Ocean-and-penguin-adaptation-with-Dr-Lucy-Quinn---OOP-Mission-10.pdf
  • Slideshow-11---The-Southern-Ocean-and-penguin-evolution-with-Dr-Lucy-Quinn---OOP-Mission-11.pdf
  • Slideshow-12---Captains-Log---OOP-Mission-12.pdf

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