Blank Snakes and Ladders.

Resource aimed at older pupils- no childish images. Deliberately blank so students can add in own words to make games. If put onto computer student can change images to make own boards. I use this with MLD students for ASDAN type activities. Could be photocopied onto A3 size if students need larger space for writing in.


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  • jeanjeanie24 months agoReport

    Just what I was looking for. Love the 3 different templates, great for differentiation

  • Just wanted to say I have used this so many times with different ages and subjects now. In languages with Yr 7 we've made weather games, Yr 8 karma games for RE and now using it tomorrow with Yr 12 to explain the outcomes of the second five plan in History when looking at Stalin. Thank you ever so much.

  • Returners2 years agoReport

    Wow thank you so much. You have saved me loads of time.

  • sjcaec2 years agoReport

    Thanks for this. it is just what I needed and has saved me hours!