Resource aimed at older pupils- no childish images. Deliberately blank so students can add in own words to make games. If put onto computer student can change images to make own boards. I use this with MLD students for ASDAN type activities. Could be photocopied onto A3 size if students need larger space for writing in.


  • Snakes and ladders numbered squares but no snakes or ladders..doc
  • Snakes and ladders numbered squares with snakes  and ladders.doc
  • Snakes and ladders numbered squares with snakes but no ladders.doc

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    Thanks for sharing this, made it much easier for us to create a S&L health game! Only drawbacks : game is rectangular; if too much text inserted the cells resize so you need short statements, and small text. If the cells re-size the snakes/ladders all need to be adjusted. But on the positive side, you can copy and paste more S&Lof different sizes where-ever you need them on the board.