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I use this to encourage my children, my free readers, to read novels and report back on them. They retrieve sheet from me once finished a book and I read review once they have written it, to check. They are filed into a class wallet folder for all children to read. The class often use this independently to find a 'new book&' that their peers have recommended, should they be struggling to find one for themselves. I researched book review templates out there and couldn&';t find one I was happy with. This is my version.

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CreatedJan 6, 2011
UpdatedDec 14, 2014

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    Thank You - it covers all the necessary areas for a quick book review resource.

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    user avatargareth224 days agoReport

    Thank you for posting this.

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    user avatarferhijakpor2 months agoReport

    Thank you. It is very useful.

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    user avatarrosie_b874 months agoReport

    Thank you

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    Thank you for publishing your resource. This resource has been chosen to be featured in a TES Resources blog post:

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