Santa has been killed! But who did it? What will happen to Christmas?! Skilled game to use in English class as a fun lesson. Complete with differentiated characters, clues and a worksheet. Can be an exciting Speaking and Listening drama based exercise.


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Created: Dec 14, 2008

Updated: Dec 17, 2014

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    user avatarmp069 months agoreport

    Lots of good parts for a large number of pupils to play. Interesting and engaging resolution to the mystery too.

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    user avatarmegan.seacord10 months agoreport

    Exciting, engaging resource for that one-off lesson when most of my first years were off either at School of Rugby or School of Dance activities. This was a special lesson the rest of the class really had a fun time with and one pair even cracked the case! Thanks so much for sharing. I will use it annually.

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    this is so good for the young ones! Thanks so much for sharing..

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