Cool Connectives Differentiated Worksheets

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These worksheets help to encourage the use of connectives. The first and second allow the child to choose a connective to add to given sentences. The third, for more confident writers, gives them the start of a sentence and asks them to continue using a choice of connective. I have uploaded Publisher 2010 documents (without my school's logo) or if it's easier for you there are links to the PDF versions on my school website.

  • Cool Connectives 1
  • Cool Connectives 2
  • Cool Connectives 3
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CreatedJan 24, 2012
UpdatedApr 16, 2016

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    user avatarWelshlass114 days agoReport

    cant open on publisher :(

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    user avatarjohn4219694 months agoReport

    Useful Resource... Thanks for sharing...

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    user avatarjakejones884 months agoReport

    Publisher is not a particularly common format dude, do you have word or pdf please?

    "there are links to the PDF versions on my school website." well what school is that? It would be helpful if you shared the links

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    user avatarsusensultan5 months agoReport

    Saved my life. Thank you so much!

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    user avatarmhhorizon7 months agoReport

    Wonderful thanks