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120 Day School Wellbeing Challenge (We Extended it up from 60 after the announcement of the UK Lock Down) during the Covid-19 and Coronavirus Pandemic and this is to encourage families with their wellbeing and mindfulness during this extended break from school.

For PART 1 of the Challenge Download it Here:
Days 1-60 Daily Wellbeing Challenge.

If you have time to leave a nice review please do as we have worked very hard all through the weekend after a full week teaching to get this ‘Wellbeing Challenge’ up and running to support as many families a possible.

Part 2 Will Just be the overview sheet for Challenegs 61 - 120

“Life skills & Wellbeing Lessons are going beyond the classroom and into the community” Cre8tive Resources

“Alongside our ‘Daily suggestions sheet’ (Containing a Quiz, Activity, Quote, Fun stuff and more) we will run a 60 Day Wellbeing Challenge. Download yours today and feel free to Tweet @Cre8tiveR to show us your progress”

A 60 Day Wellbeing Challenge (PDF Attached for Parents To download)

We recommend you also download our FREE Advice posters to support Teachers, Students and their families during this difficult time

  1. Looking after Personal Wellbeing Posters
  2. Dealing with Anxiety during Covid 19


We are offering to try and help as many schools and parents as we can during this turbulent time

☞ A 60 Day Wellbeing Challenge (PDF Attached for Parents To download)
☞ Explainer PowerPoint you could share on Social Media
☞ Best wishes from the Cre8tive Resources and Cre8tive Curriculum Team - Stay safe and look after the vulnerable around you.

KS3 History Learning from Home Pack
KS2 ESCAPE ROOM Learning from Home Pack
KS4 SET OF 5 x History Learning from Home Packs
PSHE and Wellbeing Learning From Home Pack
Citizenship Learning from Home Pack
GCSE History - Norman England Learning Pack

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Wellbeing and Mindfulness Digital

Three different Wellbeing Bingo sets. 1.Positive Sayings Set 2.Positivity Set 3.Uplifting we can do this Set + Mindfulness Reflection Tickets These are great fun to use for a staff meeting / pick me up or with students in a PSHE lesson. This set comes with 40 different inspirational quotes and sayings to bring a smile, encouragement, a sense or purpose, drive and inspiration to adults and or students. CONTENTS 3 x Bingo Call Sheet of between 38 - 45 words and a set of unique Bingo cards that come in three sizes. Every Bingo card is different. *Just added for online lessons and remote learning 3 x 30 x DIGITAL PDF BINGO SHEETS A4 - Students can fill them in online (No printing required) DIGITAL PREPARATION Either send students their own Bingo sheet each or send the entire set and tell students which page/ bingo sheet they use. Eg Tom you are 1, Brett you are 2, Aisha you are 3 3 x 50 x A4 Different Bingo Cards (Prints 1 bingo card per page) 3 x 50 x A5 Different Bingo Cards (Prints 2 bingo cards per page) 3 x 50 x A6 Different Bingo Cards (Prints 4 bingo cards per page) PREPARATION Print out two copies of the bingo call sheet and as many bingo cards as people playing (pick one of the three sizes) How to play Cut up the sayings on the bingo call sheet and mix them up in a bowl Nominate someone to be bingo caller and they pick out one saying at a time from the bowl and call it out. The bingo caller crosses it off on their call sheet and players cross it off on their bingo sheet First person to get a line shouts “bingo” First person to get a full sheet shouts “Bingo and out” Every Bingo sheet comes with a ’Free Health & Wellbeing Space’ Bingo caller must check they have completed it correctly





a month ago

Helpful for stimulating cooped up teenagers


5 months ago

I have been using these resources while working with SEN children in order to boost their self- esteem and they have been well received overall, creating discussion and new ideas for the students. Thank you.


8 months ago

Thanks once again!

lil mich

9 months ago

Thank you for this, the resources are well presented and have been really useful. My students have loved the fact of the day!


a year ago

All of these resources by thecre8tiveresources are wonderful - thank you so much

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