A series of fact sheets I received from the Danish Embassy in London prior to undertaking our International schools week. They were incredibly helpful as you can see. I thought I would share them to save resources for the embassy :D PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK :D


  • Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary.pdf
  • Denmark - An overview.pdf
  • Denmark for Kids.pdf
  • Faroe Islands.pdf
  • Furniture and Industrial Design.pdf
  • Greenland.pdf
  • History.pdf
  • Queen Margrethe II 70 years.pdf
  • Royal House and Family.pdf

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    Why do I have to pay?Grrrr!1

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    user avatarivenlurena year agoreport

    they are sooo professional!! i have saved them all ! thank you!!

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    user avatarohayea year agoreport

    Phenomenal. When I saw this resource I thought that I had died and gone to heaven.

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    user avatarMrsTwam2 years agoreport

    Thanks so much - very informative and hugely useful for my Yr4/5s!

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    Excellent electronic resources to use in this topic - Thank you