Digestive System Lesson with Worksheet

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In this lesson I gave pupils an A3 sheet as they came in and got them to work on that for the whole lesson. The powerpoint includes a worksheet with questions differentiated by coloured outcome. I told pupils that they had to attempt certain questions dependent on their target grade, which is fab for differentiation! It's focused very much on independent learning and I projected the &'Keyword&'; powerpoint as they were doing the worksheet. I also included the demo using tights, swiss roll and coke to talk through the digestive system at the beginning! Happy teaching :)


  • Digestion 7x2.pptx
  • The Digestive System Worksheet.docx
  • Exit Ticket.docx
  • Enzymes clue sheet.docx

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    user avatars981269415 days agoreport

    A3 sheet idea excellent. Used for a revision lesson with Y7 to focus them on what they needed to learn.

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    Thank you for sharing - very useful

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    user avatarseba_20046 months agoreport

    how do I print the papers or at least read the papers

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    user avatarpigletpooh6 months agoreport

    Loved the A3 sheet and approach

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    user avatarjeanp8 months agoreport

    I like the enzyme sheet