Designed to help students aged 14 to 16 develop the resilience, power and information they need to thrive online, this teaching pack comprises:
• a short, six-lesson unit of work written by teacher and citizenship specialist Emily Cotterill (ECResources), and
• jargon-free terms and conditions for five of the major social media sites, produced by the Children’s Commissioner for England and privacy specialists, Schillings

The Children’s Commissioner is committed to raising young peoples’ awareness of their online rights and is working in partnership with Tes to enable children to become better informed digital citizens.

These lessons have been designed to enhance citizenship and computing curriculums around the world. By the end of the unit, we hope that students will be able to:
• Understand that there are different kinds of responsibilities and rights, and that they can sometimes conflict with one another
• Understand why and how rules and laws are made and enforced, and why different rules are needed in different situations
• Think critically, behave safely and participate responsibly in the digital world
• Recognise unacceptable online behaviour and ways to report concerns about content

Note: These lessons have been devised according to simplified versions of social media T&Cs relevant to the UK. While there may be some variation in other countries, the general principles are transferable.


  • Routes-into-teaching-14-16-year-olds.pdf
  • Facebook---Simplified-T-Cs.pdf
  • Instagram---Simplified-T-Cs.pdf
  • Snapchat----Simplified-T-Cs.pdf
  • WhatsApp---Simplified-T-Cs.pdf
  • YouTube---Simplified-T-Cs.pdf

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4 Reviews

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    user avatarStiltskin20 days agoreport

    Very Useful

  • 5
    user avatardvposters2 months agoreport

    Excellent resource

    • user avatarChildrensCommissionerReply from Authora month ago

      Thank you for your kind feedback. Please let us know any feedback from you may get from children too.

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    user avatarLeighmg2 months agoreport

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    user avatarrobduerr2 months agoreport

    I downloaded the resources and will use with my students this year. I agree that our young people understand much more than we sometimes give them credit for when dealing with new technologies. This will help them to become more responsible online citizens and not abuse the power they have been given.