Dinosaur shape pictures

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Four dinosaur pictures made from simple 2D shapes. Use to aid shape recognition, start discussions about shape and location, encourage children to create their own pictures made from 2D shapes......


  • shape pic - plesiosaur.doc
  • shape pic - pterodactyl.doc
  • shape pic - stegosaurus.doc
  • shape pic - t rex.doc

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    Great resource! The children are going to love exploring shape linked to our dinosaur theme!

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    user avatarnhdut154 years agoreport

    A great resource form identifying basic 2d shapes. It saved me lots of time. Thanks

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    Brilliant resource for identifying shapes and counting the amount. Thank you!

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    user avatarh.reeve6 years agoreport

    Great resources. Have saved me loads of time. Thank you

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    Lovely shape pictures which will especially capture the boys' interest; great for checking which 2D shapes they know in a fun way! Thanks for sharing.