Resources to allow teachers to produce a matching exercise - these will need priniting and laminating. Lesson using the resources - pupils try to match portrait to statement. Finally complete worksheet about why portraits were used and what the queen was actually like. Lesson requiring pupils to design their own portrait for the queen using symbols within it..


  • Elizabeth lesson.ppt
  • Elizabeth picture to label.doc
  • Elizabeth worksheet.doc
  • Elizabeth portraits.ppt
  • Elizabeth portrait statements.doc
  • elizabeth portrait lesson.ppt
  • blank portrait template(1).doc

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22 Reviews

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    user avatarshaztaja month agoreport

  • 5
    user avatarthreestars8 months agoreport

    Just what I was hoping for! And great for encouraging paired talk and work.

  • 5
    user avatarzobuna year agoreport

    Brilliant resources. The activity gives children the opportunity to learn for themselves and think more deeply about the subject.

  • 5
    user avatarbockya year agoreport

    thank you for sharing all your hard work. An excellent resource

  • 5
    user avatarewanwt2 years agoreport

    Excellent for Year 7 after lots of reading material. Saved a lot of prep time!