Designed for use with students at Key Stage 4 or equivalent. Provides an introduction to organ donation and tissue donation, looks at different levels of intervention to encourage donation, and explores the meaning of ethical values that are often used in the context of donation. Includes case studies and links to other resources for further discussion.


  • Introduction-to-resource-and-organ-donation-in-the-UK.pdf
  • Fact-sheet-and-exercise---what-can-be-donated.pdf
  • Exercise---ethical-values-in-donation.pdf
  • Guide-to-exercise---how-far-should-we-go.pdf
  • Exercise---how-far-should-we-go.pdf
  • Discussion---donor-status-on-Facebook-case-study.pdf
  • Discussion---living-donor-case-study.pdf
  • Resource-list---FAQs-and-discussion-material.pdf

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