Extended Reflection on life

This is a Slide Show Power Point which will be ideal for many settings. It was designed first to encourage reflection and discussion in a workshop in a conference on Community Cohesion - but it would make a good Assembly and could also be useful as a resource in Art, RE, Citizenship etc. The theme is peace so it is particularly useful for the GCSE RE unit on war and peace


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    user avatarcbannist3 years agoReport

    Beautiful. Thank you.

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    The quotes are really thought provoking, and the images are stunning. Really thoughtful. They'll work really well in form times I think! I particularly like the images of balloons.

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    user avatarozsubrosa6 years agoReport

    I remembered this when asked if I could help with an assembly on Peace. Thanks for saving me much time (I haven't taken the credit!)

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    user avatarsjh706 years agoReport

    well done. very useful as a starter for an assesment on peace and war. Thanks for sharing

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    BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful!!!!!!!!