A scheme of work with reading and writing assessment foci using Benjamin Zephaniah's novel Face. It also contains accompanying worksheet resources and an article on an interview with the poet. I&'ve also added some differentiated resources I did for the last group I taught this to who were quite low ability. Hope they are useful.


  • Scheme of work.docx
  • Face - resources.docx
  • martin wakes.docx
  • Chapter 5 resources.docx
  • The Gang of Three.docx
  • Street Life.doc
  • A Giant Step.docx
  • Chapter 12.docx
  • facial deformities.docx
  • gang of one.docx
  • Interview with Benjamin Zephaniah.docx
  • Matthew and Mark.docx
  • The Reality (chapter 7)   Face.docx

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