Famous Scientist Timeline

Pictures of famous scientists in chronological order running from the Ancient Greeks up to modern day 'TV' scientists. Each page has a picture and a description of what the scientist discovered. I have done my best to include scientists from a wide range backgrounds but unfortunately, there's no getting away from the fact that most historical scientists were white males. I also don't teach much biology so most of the scientists are chemists or physicists. Feel to comment back on scientists you think should be included and why and I'll try to update it.


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    This is a brilliant resource, thank you.

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    Brilliant resource, Thanks so much for sharing. Laminating it to brighten up our science department.

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    Thank you for all your work. A great science for whole school science display

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    Thanks for this resource .It was well put together and save me a lot of time !

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    This is what I've been trying to get round to doing for years - well done - it's brilliant!

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