Flashback Story - Late for School Again!

A structured story plan to help the pupils plan a tale using the flashback technique. There is also a vocabulary list.


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  • jakejones883 months agoReport

    Thank you! We are doing a unit on sci-fi so I changed the pictures and characters into aliens, and some of the language to made up words, for my guided writing lesson. This ppt was a great starting point for me, not to mention the amount of time it has saved me! You rock!

  • acarby4 months agoReport

    Thank you for sharing. Very useful but not quite what I was looking for.

  • Really useful for modelling writing a narrative using a flashback. Really great resource! Thanks so much!

  • lucywba year agoReport

    Thank you so much :) Really clear powerpoint to introduce and guide children through the use of flashbacks.

  • Thank you!