Functional Skills in English (Level 2)

Teaching resources, worksheets and activities for GCSE English Language - Functional Skills in English (Level 2). Follow the web link to access the supporting Scheme of Work plus further resources in the GCSE English Language collection.


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    user avatarlthirlaway4 months agoReport

    Excellent! Is there anything for the other Funcrional skills levels...Level 1, Entry 3 etc...

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    user avatarhomelesson6 months agoReport

    Thank you for such great resources!

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    user avatarsmaddeaux197 months agoReport

    Good examples of up to date texts. Would like more about styles of writing,

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    user avatarsilasharper10 months agoReport

    Brill!Thanks you.

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    user avatarTegar10 months agoReport

    This is just what I need- a sense of direction. Thank you!!