I have recently written some harvest poems and songs for key stage 1 and 2 to use during harvest festivals and thanksgiving celebrations/ assemblies. One is based around nursery rhymes for the verse(with appropriate tweaking of the words to be relevant to harvest-time), and uses the tune of oranges and lemons to accompany the choruses. Another is a thanksgiving song which is written to the tune of 'If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands', and is very simple and repetitive, but goes through all of the different types of foods, ie, dairy, cereal, fruit, veg, meat etc. My favourite is the one that I have downloaded here which would work great with key stage 2 children and uses anagrams of the word HARVEST within the poem whilst the children hold the appropriate letters aloft. I have included 'stage direction', and have deliberately ordered the words in the poem to require as few changes around of the letters as possible. The anagram concept could potentially be extended in class. The other 2 harvest poems that I have mentioned can be reached and downloaded via my free educational poetry website link opposite.


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    user avatarBustercat13 years agoreport

    Thanks, really like the ideas of using the harvest words in the poem

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    user avatarallblessed3 years agoreport

    Your poems and songs are excellent. You have given me such a great idea for our Harvest this year.

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    Really useful resources, thank you.

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    user avatarckjs4 years agoreport

    Super resource than you.

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    user avatarkierakiera4 years agoreport

    my cilgren did not gat it bad cheek spelling very poor