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Designed to help the children whilst they are writing instructions in Literacy, the Instruction Checklist Mat is a useful tool for the children to ensure that they address all the features of this particular genre in their own work. By making the Instruction Checklist Mat available on classroom tables, the children have instant access to ideas and, therefore, are more equipped to work independently. The Writing Genre Checklist Mat can be re-used, especially if laminated for durability and has been produced in full colour using the Sassoon Primary font. Topics included: instructional/procedural texts.

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CreatedApr 15, 2006
UpdatedNov 25, 2014

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    Really clear and concise. Thank you.

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    user avatarWalsh44a month agoReport

    Couldn't be clearer or easier follow. Excellent

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    user avatarLegoman2 months agoReport

    Lovely visual checklist - extremely helpful. Thanks.

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    user avatarNesreena year agoReport

    This is a fantastic resource and really clear for children to use. Thank you so much for sharing!

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    Excellent Checklist for to help children when writing instructions, Thanks

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