A series of resources to go with the plan which I created for our international week. We went to the Trafford Centre (lego land) initially before getting down to work and doing as the plan says. Hope it of help to someone. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK :D


  • International Week planning.doc
  • Asger Jorn.docx
  • Battle of Copenhagen pictures.docx
  • human and physical features of denmark blank map.docx
  • Human and physical Features of Denmark sheet.docx
  • Karl Albert pics and portfolio.docx
  • Map of Denmark.docx
  • Map of Europe.docx
  • Map of human features of Denmark.docx
  • Map of the world.docx
  • Napoleon map.docx
  • Napoleonic Wars.pptx
  • Songs words for napolion.docx
  • Symbols of Denmark.docx

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