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All the animals in spongebob except sandy the squirrel are invertebrates. Each student can be given the colouring picture and factsheet and it may even be useful to have an ict suite booked for more information. They can create a large poster and presentation about invertebrates. I always start this lesson off by showing them an episode of spongebob squarepants!!!!

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Sponges are Interesting Animals

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CreatedNov 24, 2011
UpdatedFeb 24, 2014

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    user avatarVIRGIVILa year agoReport

    Great and fun

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    user avatareswyny3 years agoReport

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    user avataramuskett4 years agoReport

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    user avatarkakem4 years agoReport

    Great resource- I got my yr.4s to spot the odd ones out (pufferfish and Sandy the squirrel) then bribed them with an episode at the end!

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    user avatarfeejen5 years agoReport

    This is an excellent idea. I am making the pupils research each of the characters for homework :)

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