The first resources for a Scheme of Work introducing KS3 students to the life, context and works of William Shakespeare. Resources include worksheets and powerpoint presentations. The unit itself is meant to allow students to experiment with speaking Shakespearean English, and to build their confidence. No one play is studied in depth, but rather a selection of his works are briefly discussed and key scenes are read through.


  • Research Task Sheet.docx
  • Assessment Task Autumn 1.docx
  • Midsummer-BottomandTitania.pdf
  • Midsummer-TheLoversFight.pdf
  • Midsummer-TheMechanicalsscript.pdf
  • Midsummer-TheMechanicals.pdf
  • RomeoandJuliet-Act1.pdf
  • RomeoandJulietAct3scene5.pdf
  • Macbeth.pdf
  • Taming-TheLoversMeet.pdf
  • TheSevenAgesofMan-comictemplate.pdf
  • TheSevenAgesofMan-table.pdf
  • TheTamingoftheShrew-PetruchioandKaterina.pdf
  • Shake L1.pptx
  • Shake L2.pptx
  • Shake L3.pptx
  • Shake L4.pptx
  • Shake L6.pptx

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    user avatarf3friend2 months agoreport

    Thank you for publishing.

  • 5Recommended

    Thank you for publishing your resource. It has been selected to be featured in a post on the TES Resources blog.

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    Great introductory lessons which create a buzz of interest in Shakespeare. I've used this resource with Year 7.

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    user avatarshubya year agoreport

    Very useful resources, thank you.
    However, it would have been helpful to have provided the answers to the quiz for the non specialist teacher!

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    Thanks so much for these excellent resources. You have saved me hours! Watch some of the spellings and apostrophes though.